29 Mar 10

NZ tourism

arrival in NZ, plane returned to base to brisbane with hydraulic problems{?!}
eventually arrived at destination 6am, as the gulls hit full volume, no reason for alarm, generic valium will cure most anxiety and confusion…

9th life…

end of the tunnel…

illuminated on the couch…

architects anonymous…

safety nets…

words and images: Robert

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  1. Lola

    architet drunk

    Mar 30 •
  2. Teesside Kiwi

    Come back sooooonnnnnnn

    Mar 31 •
  3. Cormac

    I love that corridor shot!

    Apr 01 •
  4. Marina

    The Shining…

    Apr 03 •
  5. cecilia v.

    imagenes inquietantes….. como para no tener ansiedad. El sillon iluminado da linda sensacion. Bueno , ahora descansen. Suerte . Abrazos , Robert ,chau.

    Apr 04 •
  6. cecilia v .

    El sillon iluminado da linda sensacion ……Abrazos ,chau

    Apr 04 •
  7. cecilia v .

    I like iluminated in the couch , nice sensation. Buenas fotos y palabras suerte. Abrazos,Robert. chau.

    Apr 04 •
  8. carlos

    Loved the pictures

    Apr 14 •
  9. cecilia v.

    mejor que queden anonimos esos arquitectos…. esa construccion da vertigo !

    Apr 16 •

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