09 mai 10

(English) Robert’s Photo Blog: Toronto

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  1. john eastman

    Very cool PICS. I like the abstract nature and natural distorted affect.

    mai 09 •
  2. marina

    how is it inside the fish bowl? lol

    mai 09 •
  3. Warren

    Yeah, sorry about the weather, hope you’ve been enjoying your stay in Toronto nonetheless.

    mai 09 •
  4. Steve

    Looks like Manchester, saw u at the Apollo last year, you were fantastic, love the dub drum sounds

    mai 09 •
  5. Nixtar

    The moon unleashes my vampiritic lust for …….

    mai 09 •
  6. martin

    Great photo of water running down the window

    mai 09 •
  7. Sandy_P

    rain :(

    mai 09 •
  8. Nicole

    At least it’s not raining today in Toronto… maybe a chance for some happier pics from the second show…

    mai 09 •
  9. Flò

    4th picture: Trapped in an ice cube. Will its dissolution set me free or let me die? … It all depends if I can fly !

    mai 09 •
  10. ThunderZeaL

    The effect on the fourth is really great ^^

    mai 09 •
  11. Bob Ilyani

    Haha, you have it right Rob. Great show on Friday, you guys really rocked the house. Thanks a lot!

    mai 09 •
  12. Brian Patterson

    love the shots man! not as much as I loved your show last night!! on the floor!! out cold!! unreal! well-done!!

    mai 10 •
  13. kingdubrock

    I was at your show last night. You mentioned you had a chance to see the fair city. Hope you saw more than this! Nice moody shots though.
    Show was badass. The last time I saw MA was during the protection tour. I ran into Grant and Horace, and later Talvin at the Jamaican restaraunt next to the venue. Actually ate with Horace. Really warm guy.
    Martina’s set was fun and beautiful at the same time.
    Nice work. Dont know how you do it. Thats a heavy tour schedule.

    All the best.

    mai 10 •
  14. cecilia v.

    Que linda la lluvia ,ese es su concierto. Cuidados con los oidos.Abrazos.

    mai 11 •
  15. Shaun

    Wow – what a horrible day!

    mai 24 •

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