14 mai 10

(English) Marc’s Photo Blog: NY NY

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  1. redboy

    absolutely mind-blowing show on wed. THANK YOU!

    mai 14 •
  2. Mike AGuirre

    Wish I could have been there

    mai 14 •
  3. Antonio Portugal

    I saw them both in NYC and Boston ,i have to admit the New York show was more energetic but still a great thrill to see them in both cities

    mai 14 •
  4. Jamie

    What a great set of pics. Can’t believe I missed you guys in Reading last year. Nothing makes me hate work than the way I had to miss that show.

    mai 14 •
  5. andy m

    Best show I’ve seen in ages…Massive Killed it in the NYC!

    mai 15 •
  6. Jessica Ritchie

    I second « redboy »! It was such a thrill to finally get the chance to see a live show, and Wednesday night at Terminal 5 NYC was EPIC. Amazing show!!! (And please release « Invade Me » soon!!!!)

    mai 16 •
  7. Astrotrick

    Both nites in NYC were incredible! United Snakes opener was too good. Loved the guest vocalist as always: MTB, Horace, DMiller…. love.

    mai 16 •
  8. Daniel

    Hope you guys had as much fun here as we did seeing you live! You kicked it !!!!

    mai 17 •
  9. DJones

    May 12th show in NYC was amazing. Lots of Mezzanine played. Was great to see Martina play solo; she is fantastic and very gifted (layering tracks on the fly was very cool).

    mai 17 •
  10. Kristi

    I bought a new car and drove 3,000 miles roundtrip to Boston (from Minneapolis) just to see you guys, the show totally rocked! Loved seeing you guys, such a cool show!

    mai 21 •
  11. Jimitits

    JAMIE: keep an eye open for great pix of NYC show at my site if u em your address em I will send a couple very special ones not being posted as long as u do not post: private stock:
    MA are worthy of doing what you must do next time di not allow others to take 3hours of genius at work away from u ever again let this one go we all have been there I am going to send u something to make u feel better ok??
    Trip hop on!!
    Ma r really something I even want to fly out west for another dose of this incredible art!
    They are worthy!!

    mai 25 •
  12. GLawrie

    Caught the gig in NYC on the 14th, the first time I have seen the band, my wife is a huge fan. I loved the show, we were 5 or 6 rows from the front, just brilliant. My favourite song was Atlas Air. I loved the joke about you get what you deserve and « we got a new Conservative Govt…. » think it was a little lost on the audience though who did not know whether to cheer or boo :) Fantastic show!! Thanks

    mai 28 •
  13. poizzenapple

    photo with Martina is incredible!
    shoot more, Marc! ;)

    juin 13 •
  14. Mimoza

    You guys blew my mind at Terminal 5 :)

    juil. 05 •

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