17 May 10

Robert’s Photo Blog no.20

dragons of zynth / anti-pop consortium…


jesus and james…

lower east blind side…

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  1. Little Buddha

    i miss NYC

    May 17 •
  2. Magda

    One just have to love the first pic.

    May 17 •
  3. monica

    Love your work!….is any of it for sale??

    May 17 •
  4. resident

    great pix Robert!

    May 17 •
  5. Marys

    Escapism is funny :]

    May 17 •
  6. Zana

    I miss NYC too…escapism captures the spirit I love so much… I have been very much enjoying the photoblogs Robert…your work astounds me. You have an outstanding eye for capturing the extraordinary…and elevating the ordinary…

    May 17 •
  7. jennifer

    im going to nyc for the first time in a couple weeks, for the memorial weekend. thank you for sharing your fotos!
    ♥ jennifer

    May 17 •
  8. Momo

    I like the way you perceive things and how pictures are completed with their titles. Yummy:)

    May 17 •
  9. cecilia V.

    Exellents” Jesus and James” !

    May 19 •
  10. Billcee

    Interesting photos! What James Brown songs did they do? If you climbed that fire escape ten times a day, you could really burn some calories!
    Hey, does anyone know whether it would be appropriate to take a nine-year old, well-behaved boy to an outdoor Massive Attack show (we have tickets for the Malkin Bowl in Vancouver), and how long the show usually is?

    May 26 •
  11. Billcee

    It may also be serious.

    May 26 •

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