21 May 10

Robert’s Blog: I told you this would happen

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  1. Neil

    what would happen?

    May 21 •
  2. cecilia V.

    Espero que les suceda algo lindo en el mini concierto de hoy. Suerte y Abrazo.

    May 21 •
  3. Noel

    Um…at a guess the BP oil spill…look at the graphic it has the logo in it

    May 21 •
  4. Kosta

    BP, I told you this would happen!

    May 21 •
  5. Chris.S

    Very inspirational Robert, love it!

    May 21 •
  6. Craig

    Unfortunately Robert, it’s the nature of the beast. Tragic but inevitable. No need to gloat or say I told you so. Fact is this is an industry we need for our survival in this day and age, and no one in their right mind could argue that fact. Lets concentrate on something we don’t need for survival and is one million times more tragic, destructive and absolute nonsense….religion.

    May 21 •
  7. Thorhammer

    Hi Rob, I saw the show yesterday at the Wiltern and it was incredibly crisp and tight! I loved the use of the typing-board!!!!
    What is the name of the opening number? I have never hear it before and it completely blew me away!

    Big Thanks for last night !

    I am an friend of Adrian “Tricky” and would like to know if their are any plans on ever working with him again, since he moved back to UK???

    May 21 •
  8. Jirka

    Robert, please live DVD and DTS sound…! Thank

    May 22 •
  9. cecilia V.

    Goooooooollll! de Argentina a Canada ! (todo en amistad, por supuesto!)

    May 24 •
  10. Athena

    I guess deep down we all knew this would happen….it was just a matter of when. No big surprise Halliburton was involved. I can’t even wrap my brain around the death and destruction that’s been unleashed by this mess. I can only hope to be able to help clean it up and maybe in some way help keep it from happening again. But until I can find a way to help, I’ll just drink to forget for a little while, and enjoy some seafood while I can still get it.

    May 25 •
  11. steven smolen

    you are so right, my brother!….I protested BP back in the 1990’s when I was in school in Ohio, USA….they were the (B)iggest (P)olluters in that state at that time….IT HAS HAPPENED…..Fuck BP!!

    May 28 •
  12. kHellstr

    BP – Beyond Past

    Chant down Babylon. Revolution, don’t let it go.

    Time is now, environmental truth commission will judge.

    Jun 01 •
  13. poizzenapple

    hell right… (((

    Jun 14 •
  14. Cecilia Carey

    Sadly, petroleum is not an industry we need for our survival. It’s an industry that we need for our destruction. Look at the state of affairs in the world today. Fossil fuel dependency, environmental degradation, etc. aren’t helping civilization like some would like to believe. I happen to love this planet and am glad there are so many good people out there who share my beliefs. I also really admire Massive Attack for identifying this rather than just making good music that has no message. Beyond Petroleum, indeed, guys!

    Aug 05 •

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