25 mag 10

(English) Robert’s Photo Blog: City of Angels

Ci spiace, ma questo articolo è disponibile soltanto in English.

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  1. temperaudio

    some fallen.. others washed up
    stay +

    mag 25 •
  2. monica

    great camera robert! keep posting…i love your photos!

    mag 25 •
  3. Rodrigo

    Nice, very nice.
    L.A…. *__*

    mag 25 •
  4. Jenny Phipps

    Yes…when I lived In Long Beach back in 92/93 i did come across these sad scenes.
    I even found a live body in my laundry room.I did find that a bit scary.The reason; on my return to Long Beach my partner /husband at that time had decided he did not wish to be part of our family.So i landed returned got the push and was left in LB with no job no money….but I have a beautiful and talented daughter…She enjoyed your concert in London and the music of Martina Topley Bird..
    So from the fallen……..an Eagle can fly….
    I am made it back to Milton Keynes . good old UK.
    Yes I got a job
    A house
    A car
    A tortoise
    Two Cats
    Yes . Still don’t have alot of money .But happy.

    mag 25 •
  5. cecilia V.

    Me acordaba de las playa de esta ciudad, y ahora ,estas fotos…. Si, algunos caidos, alguna vez, se levantan, otros que solo pasan momentos alli. Y la playa expone sus obras de arte. Muy buenas fotos, y gracias por compartirlas. Tengan una linda noche, y suerte.Abrazos, chau

    mag 26 •
  6. Ute

    Like your photos, hate L.A.

    mag 26 •
  7. ewelina

    the way I feel most of the time between …

    mag 27 •
  8. poizzenapple

    angels washed away…

    giu 13 •
  9. Nicola Zaffalon

    CIAO. Great sandy beaches everywhere as I can see! NICOLA

    lug 09 •

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