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Ci spiace, ma questo articolo è disponibile soltanto in English.

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  1. Key

    Like it !

    But I prefer the version of “splitting the atom” .

    La version de psyche dans le LP splitting the atom était bien meilleur selon moi.

    Très bon clip cependant ;)

    mag 26 •
  2. Katerina

    Is it an official one?
    I love it

    mag 26 •
  3. evgeniy

    stunning! very sensual interpretation….

    mag 26 •
  4. JoSeF


    mag 26 •
  5. Steve finney

    Just Beautiful.

    mag 26 •
  6. francoleo

    Una forma d’arte, meravigliosa!

    mag 26 •
  7. ewelina


    mag 27 •
  8. cecilia V.

    Demsiado bueno. Exellente!!! . Me encanta.

    mag 27 •
  9. cecilia V.

    exellente! Demasiado bueno .Me encanta.

    mag 27 •
  10. Colin C.

    I love these! will you be compiling these for a DVD/BlueRay collection? I’d buy it!

    mag 27 •
  11. stef

    A piece of art again!!! Thank you for all of film of the Heligoland series!!

    mag 27 •
  12. AlexArg

    Excellent Song and Video, I also like The subliminal kid Remix

    mag 27 •
  13. Kevin

    Wonderful! The best vid I’ve seen this year

    mag 27 •
  14. zhuzha

    I prefer the version of “splitting the atom” too
    But it’s awesome video!

    mag 27 •
  15. olivier

    trés belles image pour ce clip. Very nice one

    mag 27 •
  16. Theo

    !!!Absolutely love it!!!

    mag 27 •
  17. elaine

    loved that..stunnin

    mag 27 •
  18. Cpt. Benny David

    Congratulations for the new video, Massive Attack have one of the best videographies ever!
    Thank you Massive Attack group for sharing this great musical experience all over the world.
    Best wishes,
    Cpt. Benny David

    mag 27 •
  19. Manon W.

    its a nice video, unique, so that it fits with massive attack but the original song ‘psyche’ would be better for this video in my opinion

    mag 27 •
  20. elke

    wow-that is pretty close to what I had in my mind when I listened to the song…beautifully made!!

    mag 27 •
  21. nm30

    stunning video! love it! a dvd with all these videos would
    be really great

    mag 27 •
  22. vbueso

    Beautiful. Great.

    mag 27 •
  23. ruth davis


    mag 27 •
  24. dana

    extremly beautiful and sensible interpretation of the song. i’m in love with it!
    but i really have to ask. i saw another film of psyche on feeder.ro (i can’t find the link anymore but …)
    is this really another film for this song or isn’t make with you guys? i’m not sure and i’d really like to find out. oh and i’m sorry if the question was already answered. i didn’t see anything about it though…

    anyway, great job guys. another fantastic thing you’ve done. and john downer of course. i like very, very much the interpretation. and if i think how much i hate insects in other circumstances… yuck. very nice film one again !!!!

    mag 28 •
  25. Spinbanks

    absolutely awesome, can i embed it on my blog ?

    mag 28 •
  26. elena popa

    one of the the most beautiful songs ever,martina’s voice,extraordinary,and the ephemerida’s story from the video a beautifull idea!love you,massive!

    mag 28 •
  27. Adrian

    Great video! Will there be a hd version?

    mag 28 •
  28. Kasia

    Uwielbiam Massive! Ten utwor jest przepiękny…. Do zobaczenia na Heineken Opener festival w Polsce! :-)

    giu 02 •
  29. Vanessa

    Beautiful video
    I like the female aspect and the idea to put the woman in the background when she flys over the water .
    Freedom and the sensitivity of our nature.
    Live is such a great gift that good gave us all.

    Greetings from Germany- Frankfurt

    giu 03 •
  30. Marcus Aurelius Klonek

    This is amazing! My favorite song too!

    giu 04 •
  31. ZochoR


    giu 07 •
  32. abyziomm

    see u on Elektric Picnick in Stradbally, Ireland, Zajebisty klip (great clip)

    lug 23 •
  33. Abbs

    Fantastic !!! It really fits in with the beautiful song and together they make phenomenal video truly amazing probibly on of your best sooo far

    lug 31 •
  34. Constantin

    yes… it is touching, impressed

    ott 11 •
  35. Reggie T

    Absolutely brilliant! Suits Martina’s voice nicely. You guys were amazing at Moogfest 2010!

    nov 05 •
  36. Nicola Zaffalon

    It is not a nice video: I’m sorry for Martina Topley Bird, singing this song. No joke, that is just my opinion. Ciao. NICOLA

    feb 22 •
  37. iolo

    wow – your videos are the best music videos out there
    your music is incredible as well as is your wbsite and everything about you

    lug 09 •

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