27 mag 10

(English) Robert’s Photo Blog no.23

Ci spiace, ma questo articolo è disponibile soltanto in English.

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  1. cecilia V.

    Bus casa!!!! ( House Bus! )

    giu 01 •
  2. Frank Munoz

    These are some very lovely photos of San Francisco! I hope you guys come back again. Good luck on the rest of your huge tour. You guys are working very hard at the moment. Thank you for joining Sound Strike – VIVA MASSIVE ATTACK!!!

    giu 02 •
  3. Eva

    Hey great pics!
    I saw you last october in Helsinki, ít was really good kick, I also met you that night in bar Ahjo.
    This summer you will play in Pori Jazz and it would be nice to meet up again!

    giu 13 •
  4. poizzenapple

    your new bus – my favourite colour!
    pendant – i’ve made a very similar photo in child hospital – you can see it on my myspace blog
    and gatekeeper & tubes – beloved style of photography!

    giu 13 •
  5. Micaela

    cool house!

    giu 18 •
  6. AU

    Your photos are really poignant and stearing, close to effect of teleportation (especially such as Toronto, so hopeless and lyrical, LA, NY, Berlin, sky everywhere…). Thank you.

    giu 26 •
  7. Larubia

    last comment…. great….
    So, bored????? Me too, making monologues for months………….exhausted……….and the bips ?????????????????
    Read Veneno Puro from desktop, is has far as go on political (local) I go……….
    If Y bored enough to leave…………fine………..

    ending really mad:

    Da Weasel – Retratamento


    lug 02 •
  8. Nicola Zaffalon

    CIAO. Where is the front of this orange bus? By which side?
    I’m just joking, but that looks funny anyway. NICOLA

    lug 11 •
  9. Larubia

    Hi… Where are y? on the beach where? Sharing a cake? Thanks… RBK

    ago 30 •
  10. Larubia

    Back in town… rest from the holidays… ;P

    ago 30 •
  11. Chiara

    Love your photos.

    nov 08 •

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