02 Jun 10

Massive Attack interviewed on The Hour

Robert and Grant recently appeared on CBC’s The Hour for a live interview; the video is available to watch HERE (the interview starts around 25m 55s)…

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  1. 0mf

    any protest is some sort of complicity,actually
    i’m sure you feel so excited in these “protest”moments
    and what occurs…that’s funny.

    Jun 02 •
  2. cecilia V.

    Nice interview. Salieron muy lindos y agradables.

    Jun 02 •
  3. poizzenapple

    thank you guys!
    you are nice as always ;)

    Jun 13 •
  4. Hollylicious

    Great interview. Pure geniouses

    Jun 19 •
  5. krzmatica

    Canada needs more Massive influence. *

    Jul 02 •
  6. Kim

    It is so refreshing to be down with a group that still creates the fire and is still down for a cause! Thank you!! xo

    Oct 28 •
  7. Phil L.

    Nice interview but I wish George would’ve discussed a little more the musical aspects of their carreer. Political issues are important to the guys of Massive Attack and it’s to their credit. But their music has evolved so much since they began and I would’ve liked to hear them talk about it. If you have a chance, go see them live, they’re incredible!

    Nov 16 •

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