01 Jul 10

Robert’s Photo Blog: Belgrade and Zagreb

just played belgrade and zagreb, great shows…. these images do not reflect the city and its beautiful people, just postcards from the past. it was a humbling experience to play there. zagreb is also lovely, the citizens and their soul and music.

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  1. Ace

    Must of been quite an experience :)

    Jul 01 •
  2. Ana Daily

    Oh, you’ve seen our Ridden Junk Monuments .. good.

    Thank you for the beautiful night.
    Your words and notes are looking for me.
    Love, Ana

    Jul 01 •
  3. Marija Pavlovic

    I’m from Serbia and I’d like to thank you for the best concert EVER!

    Jul 01 •
  4. Flo

    Really moving…. so close from here, heart-breaking though your comment is full oh hope

    Jul 01 •
  5. Igor Pucarevic

    When this happened to pour Belgrade I was walking the streets with my cd-player, listening massive attack blue lines, watching rockets flying by, explosions in the background of my favorite music, smoking good w..d and having fun ; )
    Massive attack was holding my spirit high above the plains and rockets! (not to mention the w..d(excellent combination) : )
    I love you massive massive attack ; )

    Jul 01 •
  6. Stephanie

    I just left Belgrade on June 12th and was sorry that I didn’t stay long enough to catch the show. I took pictures of this same government building that the Americans bombed in 1998. My cousin told me that the Serbshave plans to turn the building into some sort of memorial.

    Jul 01 •
  7. Daniel

    Amazing how life just goes on … even in the midst of such chaos. WoW.

    Jul 01 •
  8. Sabina

    when i was in Croatia last time, I visited a town called Vukovar. When you drive in, the side of the road looks like lush vegetation. On second look, you can see it’s all ruins of houses, filled through and through with saplings and shrubs, filling the house shells as if they were overgrown flowerpots. It’s strangely beautiful. Like looking at the future while walking in reverse. Some of the worst things in the war happened here. Though if you went just to the coast, you’d barely see traces of fear from a few years back

    Jul 01 •
  9. Jenny Phipps

    Just found old photo album.I was out in Yugoslavia 1978.Stayed on the coast at Pore’c
    .Just found old postcards of National costume from surroundings of Travnik,Bosinia.National costume from
    Had a good time.Some young men from Belgrade looked out for me.Kept me safe.Beautiful Country Beautiful people.
    Though found it was not safe at that time towander into the countryside. Encouraged to stay around the hotel complex at that time,which did have amazing facilities.Well it was loads better than my visit to Bognor Regis (74) To Butlins ah…

    Jul 02 •
  10. cecilia v.

    Porque Europa tanta guerra ? un Abrazo para cada alma ,desde Argentina.

    Jul 02 •
  11. mayanic

    Well, I have to share something with you, and whoever is from Belgrade knows this. When the bombing in 1999. started all tv programs were shot down, when the program started again studio b started to play Teardrop from Massive Attack and this song was opening the program every day, it played also between the programs. I was at the Belgrade concert on 25th and when they played Teardrop it was a funny feeling for me i was thinking did anyone said to them that their song was played on tv during this crazy bombing time, and how it was setting many of the people free in some way in this period, cause it was a very specific period of time hard to describe to someone who was not in Belgrade….. THANX and respect to Massive Attack for their music and for the concert here… it was a great show!

    Jul 02 •
  12. Aleksandra

    Thanks for that… Belgrade is waiting for you to come again and stay a little bit longer:)

    Jul 02 •
  13. Jelena

    I was at the concert with my best friend in (Belgrade).Thank you Massive Attack for coming to Serbia again! Unforgetable experience- being at your concerts!!!

    Jul 02 •
  14. Ira Samsa

    So sad you choose a picture from war. And that one from Belgrade that was aggressor on Croatia and Bosnia. Wrong place and wrong time to remember. ALl wrong! But I adore your music…

    Jul 02 •
  15. tv

    belgrade is my birthplace, my hometown, my everything and i love him as such… but like in every other city there are these dark corners that serve only as an ugly reminder of a very difficult and disturbing past that left many people in ex yugoslavia full of pain and anger. unfortunately, many are still clinging to that past. :( i don’t like that these ruined buildings became a must see for every tourist. there are more charming parts of belgrade to be seen and shared with others.

    anyhow… all the respect for massive attack! it was a great show. energetic, emotional, eye-opening and inspirational. simply put – mind-blowing! it left a very strong impression on me in many different ways and left me hoping for more to come in the future. thank you massive attack for your music and your kind words. :)

    Jul 02 •
  16. Marija Radulovic

    These photos do not reflect the city but Im sure made an impression unfotunately. Great concert and etg you do….

    Jul 03 •
  17. daniel

    amazing show in belgrade! thanks to daddy G and robert for let me do a picture with them in airport. see you in madrid!!!!
    Massive forever!!!!

    Jul 04 •
  18. kissmo

    The first one looks great…Nice pictures..

    Jul 06 •
  19. poizzenapple

    high skills of your seeing amazing things….
    poor Croatia with her wounds & eternal skies….
    wonder what you’ll see beyond your camera when you’ll come to Kyiv….

    Aug 05 •

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