05 Jul 10

Robert’s Photo Blog: Poland

to all our super solar brothers and sisters in poland…thank you for another magical night!

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  1. aleksander

    Nice, greet.

    Jul 05 •
  2. majic


    Jul 05 •
  3. diana

    that was almost unforgettable experience! lo ve

    Jul 05 •
  4. M

    touching, beautiful, my eyes were crying…. thank you!
    and ‘Teardrop’ – the best I’ve ever heard.

    Jul 05 •
  5. Monika

    Thank you, I was waiting for this show since I heard your music many years ago.

    Jul 05 •
  6. miyu

    i `ll wait for you in 2011 in open`er!!

    kocham was!

    Jul 05 •
  7. Mac

    Nice! Great show! ‘Teardrop’ – amazing!
    P.S. I’m on those photos somewhere! :D

    Jul 05 •
  8. dwukropka

    God! And I couldn’t be there…. What a lossss! :(

    Jul 05 •
  9. Eva

    Great pics! You are fab! Hopefully see yous in Pori jazz!!!

    Jul 05 •
  10. caplan

    nice sundown, I like the view, remind me on highfield festival that you have played some time ago

    Jul 06 •
  11. GeeGee

    I went to Open’er only to see your concert. It was amazing! Thank you so much! Greetings from Poland.

    Jul 06 •
  12. Jelena

    OMG!!!! Magical!

    Jul 06 •
  13. Natalia

    The concert was great :) I’m really happy I was able to hear You live. ‘Angel’ was amazing!

    Jul 06 •
  14. Paulina

    Thank you, I was in the first row, just in front of you. It was extraordinary, so many emotions, thank you again….

    Jul 06 •
  15. Nick Svyaznoy

    god bless MA.

    Jul 06 •
  16. ivy n.

    seen you for the 2nd time and again, i was thrilled. please, come back asap. and thank YOU for the magic. poland is waitin’ patiently.

    Jul 06 •
  17. cecilia v.

    muy buenas, fotos, .que buenos los sentimientos que generan estos encuentros.

    Jul 06 •
  18. cecilia v.

    pasan cosas muy lindas en los atardeceres

    Jul 06 •
  19. Alice

    Thank you so much for this brilliant show, your music really moves my heart. You are the reason i went to Open’er and I will look forward for another chance to see you guys in action! Come back soon!!!!
    Oh, and the sunset was amazing too that evening:)

    Jul 06 •
  20. Kasia

    beautiful and purfying show, thank you for all those imponderabilias again :)

    Jul 06 •
  21. Paulina

    Each time I discover Your music differenlty. Each time is more and more magical.

    Jul 06 •
  22. Dorota

    Thank YOU. It was fantastic to see you guys again, I was enraptured with every second of the performance.
    Lots of love and support, hope to see you soon.

    Jul 06 •
  23. the cat

    a piano in Poland? That looks intriguingly good. wish I was there!!

    Jul 07 •
  24. Tomek

    I took my 10year old son. We took first row stand …. a new fan is growing up:) Many Thanks MA:)

    Jul 07 •
  25. Doma

    it’s a pity you didn’t play paradise circus, however it was another incredible show, so magical !! thanks again… and come back to Poland soon, xoxo

    Jul 07 •
  26. kondzio

    Just amazing ! Preety damn miraculous ! Zajebiscie !

    Jul 07 •
  27. Salwara

    Wonderful concert. Thank you guys. We wiil waiting for your next visit in Poland.

    Jul 08 •
  28. marica

    you can’t even imagine how I love your music; extraordinary plasure!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Jul 08 •
  29. eve

    Yes, it was really incredible. I realized that your music is so intimate. Beatifull, emotional – I knew :) I hope, you will play in near future not so far away from Poland. I just want to hear and see and feel it again

    Jul 09 •
  30. matylda

    thank you so very much! can’t wait to see, hear, feel you again

    Jul 13 •
  31. tr!p

    Thank you M.A. too 5 concert in Poland! Thanks a lot ..:::… See you soon :-)

    Jul 27 •
  32. Linda

    Juste un seul mot “sublime”



    Aug 06 •
  33. stach

    another gr8 show in Poland. Has anybody ever told you U R always very welcomed in Poland! I can’t wait for another show. C U next year in Gdynia.
    XXXXXXXXX – that’s from my wife!

    Aug 18 •
  34. Michał

    Najlepszy koncert, na jakim byłem

    Feb 20 •
  35. Anna

    Last but not least – one year after – thank you, that was beggining of my great fascination about your music. i hope you’ll visit Poland soon.

    Jul 08 •

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