07 Jul 10

Robert’s Photo Blog no 24



basel: swiss chocolate box sky…

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  1. astra;

    Thanks for keepin the skies coming :) beautiful images!!

    Jul 07 •
  2. Larubia

    Lighter…how the hell did y get that point of view? Green with Jealous….. on top of the Palladio church?

    Jul 07 •
  3. Larubia

    I’ve been taken images of roses in the north… is that some kind of mood?

    Jul 07 •
  4. Larubia

    never been, saw pics is beautiful….saw pics of an ’statement’ on atmosphere of Olafur the rest o the name can spell it…….. was great….. know him?

    Jul 07 •
  5. Nicola Zaffalon

    CIAO. I’m not 100% sure, but this part of Venice looks a bit shorter than in the reality looking at the picture… I think that something is missing in that maybe just because of this point of view.
    Anyway probably this picture was taken by a ship leaving the city: can you realize the different proportion between the buildings around and the ship itself? It’s a bit scaring! CIAO: NICOLA

    Jul 08 •
  6. Nicola Zaffalon

    CIAO. I like these beautiful flowers from London. NICOLA

    Jul 08 •
  7. cecilia v.

    Mi mama fue Venezia a visitar a mi tia, que vive en Torino. Lindas las rosas con la mano que se asoma. Hermosa foto del cielo suizo. Disculpas por algun comentario malo anterior de mi parte. Un Abrazo.

    Jul 09 •
  8. Nicola Zaffalon

    CIAO. That’s the Giudecca canal, in Venice: there’s really a lot of water out there, but you can also take the public transport boats and see that. NICOLA

    Jul 10 •
  9. Nicola Zaffalon

    CIAO. There are some very beautiful roses in the 2nd picture, they are from pink London. NICOLA

    Jul 11 •
  10. Lara

    Thanks for the great show in Venaria, Torino. M A S S I V E.

    Jul 16 •

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