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(English) Robert’s Photo Blog no.25

Ci spiace, ma questo articolo è disponibile soltanto in English.

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  1. Emira Soliman

    i was so so sad when u had finished the concert in Hungary that early :(
    im one of ur biggest fans and i could have been listening your music for hours and hours.
    it brings me to another dimension, and if it was possible, i would stay in that dimension forever.
    thank you. and see you very soon.

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  2. Emira Soliman

    btw the picture ‘hungary’ made me smile :) hey 3D, ur kick ass. thats all:)

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  3. Mauricio Munuera

    I adore your photographs!
    Say, do you think about playing here in Brazil? I really wish I could see you guys live.

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  4. Nicola Zaffalon

    CIAO. That’s nice as usual. NICOLA

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  5. Nicola Zaffalon

    CIAO. This picture from Hungary always makes me hungry! Very nice. NICOLA

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  6. RonColony

    Hey there
    I’m a MassiveAttack-Fan from switerland. I couldn’t see your show in switzerland, cause i’ve work than :(. Bad…
    But i’ve see you @ the gurten festival 2005. I love this show. Its a damn good ambiente with massive. I wish that one you’ll do a long session here in switzerland like a jam outdoor. It got many nice locations here. And there is enough nice sound from massive for a night and still more… You not make just good sound, you make feelings. Wow, it would be so wonderfull :)… So okay… I you all a very nice time and make the best with it

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  7. kissmo

    Nice picture from Hungary..

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  8. adb

    Yeah, the concert at VOLT festival ended so weird I could not believe.. Can someone tell me what really happened? The statement on the festival´s webpage was a joke the day after. ??? Otherwise it was a great show, I really enjoyed. Thx.

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  9. Stefan K

    Yup. I was at Volt fesztival in Hungary too. From what I understand Massive Attack was the only headliner to ever play there for only one hour. Was certainly a fantastic hour (nice to see musicians put love and care into sound delivery) but I’m not clear why a professional act like Massive Attack would so blatantly disrespect fans who in most cases traveled a long way to see them. Not a word in closing, no encore, almost like they left in a huff. Anyway, still a fan–just perplexed.

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  10. Former MA fan

    Fans for more than 10 years, we travelled 4 hours to see Massive Attack at Volt Festival in Hungary. We own all their albums, including limited editions, we attended at all their Hungarian concerts. Til now. At Volt, the band left without encore, which is 1/3 part of the concert, left all the fans without saying good bye and without tracks like Splitting the Atom, Atlas Air and Karmacoma. The press said that the band was pissed because some people left for Dub FX’s live show (one guy with a microphone and without fancy LED wall) and we could hear some music coming from the other stages.

    Whatever happened, MA’s performance was a shame and this was the last time we spent money to see them live.

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  11. Omis(Bonboncho Vagaboncho)

    Mades in HungARY CAMARADES…
    I am surprised from your coments my friends was surprised in Bristol that is happen for first time for this band and i am glad MA like the strong words wich you use for them I AM fan from years thats why i left Bulgaria and stil live in Bristol…I ve been first connection for them in Bulgaria and for Dub fx us well ,I know well they are happy becouse of Sucsess of Ben-Dub FX becouse he is part of Bristol sound some thing which is like our fammilys in our countries dosnt metter he is Australian. In Bristol music is sacret think and people have amazing respect to others artist ,on there oln us well please forgive this behavior i spoke with the guys from that festival and they say its problems with the board of the festival ….But that is alwis bad for the fans…Please think on Vibe of Protection and Wild Bunch mission…Respect for your clear words and strong notice.

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