13 Jul 10

New Autumn Shows Announced

New Massive Attack live dates have just been announced, with shows taking place in Russia, Germany, France and Spain. For more info and ticket links check out the Live section on the main page

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  1. Alex Anderson

    When in Chile ?? we hope you can back this year ….

    Jul 13 •
  2. earl grey

    saw you guys in leeds last year – awesome to see you all back together again and realigning the boundrys once more. when you back in the u.k

    Jul 13 •
  3. uk

    ) so good

    Jul 13 •
  4. cecilia v.

    todo ese otoño solo en Europa?

    Jul 13 •
  5. cecilia v.

    Algun veranito sudamericano?…….podria ser ?……….maybe.?…….

    Jul 13 •
  6. Mario


    Jul 13 •
  7. Jenny

    When Chicago? I’ve been a fan for 15 years and I was so upset and distraught when you guys came to the states to play a “US Tour” that included LA, NY and Boston. You cannot call it a US Tour without Chicago. I cried over this. Please please, work this out soon. It is my dream to see you all live. I’m a little bitter, but will still be impatiently waiting since I love you so. “I’m in a hole, 3000 days, a buried soul….”

    Jul 13 •
  8. stef

    Montreal,Montreal, Montreal !!! Don’t forget in your next North American tour!!

    Jul 13 •
  9. Richard

    Massive Attack are apperently playing a festival in North Carolina known as Moogfest in late October. If true, almost certainly means a 2nd leg of North American dates is not far off from being announced.

    Jul 14 •
  10. Jenny

    That does sound promising Richard-thank you! Or else, I’ll just have to go to N. Carolina :)

    Jul 15 •
  11. yeap

    o thanks for Russia. i’ll sing there together with MA.

    Jul 17 •
  12. Keith

    consider a show in Hong Kong?

    Jul 18 •
  13. HAL 9000

    Boohoo…. June, 19th was my birthday, you played on 18th and 19th at Southside/Hurricane Festival and I couldn’t go there! Later I found out I could have been there…. Got drunk on live vidz and had a backflash on last October’s Frankfurt Gig where I was… . But anyway, nice to see some germany gigs listed.

    Jul 20 •
  14. encym

    Great news!

    Jul 20 •
  15. Camila

    We are awaiting a Southamerican TOUR!
    Colombia, Chile, Argentina, Brasil!!!!

    Jul 23 •
  16. Travis

    I can’t wait for the Atlanta, GA (USA) show in Oct! Got my tix and counting down the months, weeks, days now!

    Aug 04 •
  17. poizzenapple

    please, come to Ukraine!
    it’s not far from Russia & Bulgaria & Poland….
    is it doesn’t interestin’ for you to attend places where you hasn’t been before?….
    maybe – next year – we’ll be waiting…. )

    Aug 05 •
  18. Jean

    @Stef They’re coming back to Montreal!! 18th October :D!!

    Aug 05 •
  19. Creativeshit

    Why is a person from Chile asking on you coming back? You were here in 2010??? Pls. coooome to Chile, we need to leasing to the new album live. Danke Shöen! Mercy! Muchas Gracias! Thx!

    Aug 06 •
  20. Cristián G.

    I’ve heard you’re coming to Chile on November 18, if so I’ll be there no matter what! See you guys, and please include United Snakes in the concert… Thanks.

    Aug 28 •
  21. ezequiel

    I’ve heard you’re to Chile on November 18…..!!!
    I’m from in argentina….Come….Thank..!!!
    I will go..!!!!!

    Sep 04 •
  22. Lianne

    I will be attending the concert in Barcelona on the 7th October, so excited!!
    Great new album, but I would love to hear some of the classics!
    Can´t wait to see you guys!

    Oct 05 •

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