15 Jul 10

Robert’s Photo Blog: Sofia

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  1. Sabrina


    Jul 15 •
  2. Cosmic Girl

    Beautiful afternoon & contrast
    I got a similar pic of my city
    like light and darkness
    but at 8 PM

    Jul 15 •
  3. Margo Stankova

    have a great night here, guys!

    Jul 15 •
  4. Ruth

    Angels on high.

    Jul 15 •
  5. Julia Boyadjieva

    My hometown, i so wish i could be there. Hope the gig goes well. Bulgarian audience is awesome, will give you good reception.

    Jul 15 •
  6. Olivier


    Jul 15 •
  7. cecilia v.

    que hermosa foto, es exelente . dice tanto…. es un hermoso atardecer, no?

    Jul 15 •
  8. Totto

    Hey, amazing experience guys and girl! :) Thanks for the great wild evening in the no-air-hall! ;)
    Sofia loves you and waits for you to come again!
    So so wild wild!.. So close to massive heart attack ;)
    Great show! Great experience for all of us!

    Jul 15 •
  9. peter pan

    The show was fantastic! Very good!

    Jul 15 •
  10. Katya

    Wouldn’t forget that night! It was literally hell good!
    Thank you!

    Jul 16 •
  11. cecilia v.

    como son las cosas, que a pesar de la nube, la luz sigue teniendo su fuerza. En la vida , necesitamos de la oscuridad, para valorar mas la luz. Esa es la realidad : luces y sombras. Asi es esta vida.

    Jul 16 •
  12. Tony

    A big and warm Thank you for what you guys did last night here

    Jul 16 •
  13. lubishata

    You were amazing, yesterday night… Great performance and unforgettable excitement… Thank you again.

    Jul 16 •
  14. Lenko

    Amazing! The audience AND the band enjoyed it to the limit!!! Massive – Sofia is yours!

    Jul 16 •
  15. Queller Four

    …special clouds fly around these lands…great capture!!! Hope you take a ride back to Sofia on such a cloud…

    Jul 16 •
  16. Promotional Products

    It’s like you can’t wait to see the sun behind that cloud. The contrast of that photo is amazingly done with rays of dim at the bottom. The effects of shades from the side are also nicely done.

    Jul 16 •
  17. Georgi

    MASSIVE! Will you come again? I’m sure you will!

    Jul 16 •
  18. Yavor

    The show was great. I enjoyed every minute with you guys. I really felt like I was in underground club somewhere in Bristol. I hope you come back soon:)

    Jul 16 •
  19. aleks

    Thank you for coming to us. It was exquisite, long-awaited and exactly what all of us were expecting – amazing!

    Before we were just dreaming for you to come. Now we know what it’s like. Please, come again.

    Jul 16 •
  20. rumbata

    You hid the sun last night, but shined our all from the inside. Thank you! Respect!

    Jul 16 •
  21. Mize

    Amazing concert! I love you all! :*

    Jul 16 •
  22. Yulita

    You guys caused me Massive Heart Attack! I love you! You were amazing in Sofia!!! Now I’m like a body without a mind and soul without a heart. I’m missing every part…

    Jul 16 •
  23. shinetru

    Best gig in Sofia this year! Thank you for the great night and for all the joy we felt! We want you back soon :)

    Jul 16 •
  24. Уили

    What an emotional night! I was like screaming and crying for that one hour. When are you coming back? You seemed to be enjoying our company as well:)

    Jul 16 •
  25. Adriana

    Beautiful photo of my home city. Wish i was actually there to enjoy the night and event!!!! Hope to see u somewhere around the world. SOON!

    Jul 16 •
  26. Todor

    Last nigh gig was the best I have ever heard. God bless you!

    Jul 16 •
  27. stanimir

    This picture is fabulous…Thanks for coming to Bulgaria guys…..

    Jul 16 •
  28. Jori

    T.B.M.F.I.T.C. – Massive, You were amazing ! Greetings from my sister. We love you so much !

    Jul 16 •
  29. Toy-like people make me Boy-like

    I still don’t have the words to describe what I felt last night… I was on the first line,shouting and crying of happiness! Thank you,Massive Attack!!! Thank you,my favorite band of all time!!!!

    Jul 16 •
  30. Omis(Bonboncho Vagaboncho)

    Looks nice and calm and full of good thinks happen in Sofia ,thanks for going there now is time for the reunion of this band will be a dream together with Tricky next year on Park Live :)…..I am steel in Bristol on the Avon lark of South West Love .Thats nice when One Generation Dream and That Dreams is cover of Passing Clouds and Light.Thanks Rob and you Danny for going there.See the Girls there Loves you and the Boys are ready for massive partyes.

    Jul 16 •
  31. Attacked Vicky

    Last night Massive Attack gave all what a concerts needs to have!
    Thank you soo much!

    Jul 16 •
  32. Nenchev

    You changed us!

    Jul 16 •
  33. gera

    Thank you again!

    Jul 16 •
  34. j to

    A great,great night the 15th of july 2010 i`ll remember it … until your next concert !
    10x againt, wish to all of you healty & happyness !

    Jul 16 •
  35. Rasporama

    The best gig! God bless you.

    Jul 17 •
  36. mira

    a big big thank you for the really great show in sofia!!!!

    Jul 17 •
  37. astral

    fantastic :) thank you for collecting skies from around the world!!

    Jul 17 •
  38. elena

    Thank you for the Great show!

    Jul 17 •
  39. Hristina

    thank you for the heartbreaking experience guys…couldn’t describe the feeling to be in a same hall with you

    Jul 19 •
  40. Hristina

    hope to see you back in Sofia soon, we will miss you

    Jul 19 •
  41. Maria A.

    That’s exactly how Sofia’s like – always wrapped in dirty haze but somehow still reached by the light.
    And it was the same with your show – despite that disgusting stuffy concert hall, your music and our joy and love prevailed! I hope you’ll find courage to come back and play in Bulgaria again (and again)!
    I’m forever grateful for your music – I owe you my mental health!

    Jul 22 •
  42. poizzenapple

    i was in Sofia once…. beautiful city, slightly like Kyiv, our capital….
    Bulgaria is a neighbour country to Ukraine, so why doesn’t you come to us?
    madly waiting for you to come…. years & months & days….
    so – please, = see UKRAINE in your future plans… )))

    Aug 05 •
  43. poizzenapple

    btw – amazing photo, i didn’t admitted this?…. ;)
    your skyscapes is always like balsam to those who knows….

    Aug 05 •
  44. GONZA


    Nov 25 •

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