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(English) Robert’s Photo Blog: Istanbul

Ci spiace, ma questo articolo è disponibile soltanto in English.

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  1. Elif

    I wish I could be in Istanbul to listen your wonderful music! Nice to see Cem Yilmaz in the photo by the way. :)

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  2. headcleaner

    he is the funniest guy of turkey. it’s strange to see him on your pics… :)

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  3. Cosmic Girl


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  4. crystalvague

    Cem Yılmaz! When did he went backstage X))
    We were worriyng about you wont add any photos from Istanbul :)

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  5. Samir Sadikhov

    Hahah cool to see Cem Yilmaz :D

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  6. Aygen

    Haha:) Cem Yilmaz :))

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  7. Keo

    Hey D. That’s where LFC won European cup number 5. You’re not playing the Ataturk stadium are you?

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  8. Emre Aydogan

    Wow. Just wow. Awesome company, wish I could meet you guys too… Anyway, guess you liked Istanbul afterall.

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  9. robin

    is that cem yilmaz

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  10. cecilia v.

    20 de julio : ¡Feliz Dia del Amigo! . Hermosas fotos . les deseo que sigan pasando lindos momentos con agradable compañia.

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  11. Starski

    Revisiting some of the older videos on an MTV Classic: Vintage special. We really need a live DVD (5.1Dolby), I still get excited thinking about your gig in Glasgow…

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  12. Anne

    Love Istambul, but never been there!!!
    I had a Turkish friend just for two weeks in Brighton, England in 1992.
    It was a real shock of cultures!!!!!!! I never knew he couldn’t go out with
    woman, imagine I’m brasilian!!!!! But not these stereotype. But liberal
    anyway. And I have a very intersting history to tell, don’t know if you are
    intersted. His name was Olgun and and had to say goodbay farewell!!!

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  13. Noonanio

    Last time I was in Istanbul, was rather eventful…2005. Beautiful city, wonderful people.

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  14. elif

    Haha Cem Yilmaz :)…i wasnt expect to see his pic on here :P

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  15. Emisi

    Anne; what do you mean your turkish friend could not go out with woman ? Was he gay? puahhh : )) I don’t know why but I am sure he had a reason to lie to you… Or you managed to find the one and only Turkish man that would say no to a brasilian woman : ) come to Turkey and rewrite your story : )))

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  16. emisi

    What do you mean he could not go out with a woman? Was he gay ? puahhh : ))))
    Anne; I am a Turkish woman, I can go out with as many man as I like which means many man can go out with me. If you are expecting Turkish man shying away from a contact with a Brasilian woman, hi hih hi you might have a big shock : ))) hah hah haaa ! sorry sorry I don’T mean to be mean ! It is just soooo the opposite : ))

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  17. hakan

    you guys HAVE TO come and let us enjoy your splendid shows more often than every two years :((((

    ott 26 •
  18. tugce

    That was absolutely the most amazing show i’ve ever seen in my life, i wish i could go back to that day. you guys should come over here again, we can’t just get enough of you!

    ott 10 •

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