06 Aug 10

Robert’s Photo Blog: Seoul

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  1. Kim True


    Aug 06 •
  2. Irina Panayotova

    It is wonderful!!! Keep going same way!!! :)

    Aug 06 •
  3. cecilia v.

    muy buenas! es interesante ver las alturas, la sensacion de elevsarse que dan las fotos, .y la escena de lo cotidiano de la calle y su gente. El templo,me da la sensacion de Fortaleza, refugio, tranquilidad . Exelentes fotos de Seul. Gracias por las fotos! un Abrazo. chau.

    Aug 06 •
  4. cecilia v.

    Bueno, con tantas luces en la calle ,de noche, no te podes perder!

    Aug 06 •
  5. Larubia

    trying to miss guide us? first is a print, the others not so exciting as Tokyo, look for Ozu and Wim Wenders,…..
    but keep up feeding our imagination, pls…

    Aug 06 •
  6. luiz paulo

    city beatiful

    Aug 06 •
  7. Jessica Lofbomm

    I saw your powerful show at Jisan Festival last week. I’ve been a fan since “Mezzanine”, but this was my first time seeing you live. Thanks so much for coming to Seoul!

    Aug 06 •
  8. JenJen

    Really great pictures, im loving all this humunguos towers, isn’t Seoul magical?!

    Aug 06 •
  9. Evan

    Love Seoul. Listened to a lot of MA while teaching there. Don’t miss out on the Soju + BBQ + karaoke extravaganzas. When in doubt, they always have “Barbie Girl” on the roster.



    Aug 06 •
  10. Lee

    Wow. Left building on the first picture is head quarter of Samsung. That means 3D visited the street near my house.
    That means I missed the chance to meet 3D.

    Aug 06 •
  11. 경복궁 좋죠…ㅎㅎ
    한국공연 너무 보고 싶었는데…참 못봐서 아쉽습니다.
    다음에 한국을 또 방문 하신다면 정말 보고싶네요.
    이번앨범도 너무 좋구요! 실망 시키지 않는 “매시브 어택”
    투어 공연 멋지게 하세요! 화이팅 !

    Aug 06 •
  12. 안녕하세요! 한국 팬입니다. 참 한국공연 보고 싶었는데,
    못봐서 너무 아쉽습니다. 앞으로 있을 투어들도 멋지게 마무리하시고요!
    화이팅! “매씨브 어택!”

    Aug 06 •
  13. sylvain

    exciting city, love u!!!!

    Aug 06 •
  14. poizzenapple

    excellent views, Rob!
    another face of Asia… ancient & modern in the same moment…

    Aug 07 •
  15. poi

    feel weird to see the places you took through this blog since they look ‘too’ familar with me.
    it seems you went here and there in seoul.. wonder how long you stayed in the city.
    hope you enjoyed the time.

    anyhow, it was really really great to see you at jisan fetival and thanks for the show.
    been waited for 13 years. T-T

    Aug 07 •
  16. Crystal

    Sigh…what an interesting and contradicting country…often said it’s where logic goes to die…I miss those confounding moments!
    Sure wish Massive Attack was playing there when I lived there…

    Aug 07 •
  17. Eunice

    Lovely pictures!

    It’s always interesting to see my hometown from the eyes of people from other countries!
    Hope you had a great time in Seoul :-)
    And again, thank you for coming to Korea and hope to see you again soon!

    greetings from Seoul <3

    Aug 07 •
  18. K


    Aug 07 •
  19. andybell2

    “seoul i here you calling” … ooh eck wrong website


    Aug 07 •
  20. stayoungss

    you came to Gangnam.

    Aug 07 •
  21. Rod Whyte

    My son is going to Seoul soon to teach conversational English. I showed him these great pictures!!!

    Aug 08 •
  22. Jackie

    I like these photos. it looks very cold (1st) and warm (2nd).

    Aug 08 •
  23. Hampus Ersander

    A lot s of good traded photo´s made by the media you had on you when the travel was on.

    Aug 08 •
  24. psy-fi

    Seoul…the city that i was born in and living in..

    I truly wish to you guys perform a concert in Seoul – not as a headliner in a festival, i want exclusive concert only for you and your fans.

    thx guys for your beautiful performance in Jisan Valley.

    Aug 09 •
  25. Jon

    Really cool pictures. Love them. And can’t wait to see you in Montreal.

    Oct 08 •
  26. George Garchagudashvili

    Very nice photos :))

    Oct 24 •
  27. Max

    I am from Germany and moved to Seoul to study here. Nice pictures ! Seoul is an amazing city, I love it. I wish I would have been here in 2010 to see MA at Jisan Valley Rock, damn it.
    MA is my favourite band, Trip – Hop is an addiction.

    Does anyone know good bars in Seoul that play some MA or other TH?

    Aug 12 •

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