11 Aug 10

New US / Canada Tour Dates

New live dates announced for the US (plus Montreal) with Thievery Corporation. Check the Live section on the home page for full dates and ticket links…

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  1. Casey

    YES!!!! Coming to Atlanta!

    Aug 11 •
  2. Arb Cel

    I wish you would come in Ontario Canada sometime!!!!

    Aug 11 •
  3. EricaAnnihilate

    Are you serious? I live in the Dallas area but I’m moving to the San Antonio area before you guys come to Texas!

    Aug 11 •
  4. Kat

    Come to WA or OR!!!!

    Aug 11 •
  5. Harrison

    No Oregon or Washington? Sad Panda.

    Aug 11 •
  6. Gio

    Awesome… You guys rocked The Wiltern in May… Cannot wait for The Santa Barbara Bowl!

    Aug 11 •
  7. soren121

    The only Canada date is in Montreal? What’s the point of that?

    Aug 11 •
  8. Kat

    No Seattle?!

    Aug 11 •
  9. Heather

    Will you be adding some dates and coming north at all? Chicago? Minneapolis?

    Aug 11 •
  10. Chiguy

    What about Chicago, guys? You have many fans here!

    Aug 11 •
  11. Amanda

    No Washington? Bummer!!!!

    Aug 12 •
  12. Helmar18

    Whooo hooo so so so Happy see you in Montréal whooo hooo

    Aug 12 •
  13. krzmatica

    Holy super psyched, even if there is travel to Cali involved!

    Aug 12 •
  14. Lorena

    You guys are so busy!!, you should come to Mexico and rest a little bit!!!, enjoy all you lucky people in USA!!!

    Aug 12 •
  15. Jon B

    Hey, just throwing this out there, but you know there’s a lot of Canada between Vancouver and Toronto, right? And a lot of fans too.

    Aug 12 •
  16. Vlad

    I am sure Vegas will be able to accomodate you.T Corp has rocked it in the past let’s do it again!

    Aug 12 •
  17. Daniel

    Shit, no Detroit, ahhhhhhhh this makes me so so so crazy mad!!!!

    Aug 12 •
  18. J

    ONE Canadian city…? Seriously…? And in Quebec of all places? :( I’d hardly call that ‘New US / Canada Tour Dates’ !

    Aug 12 •
  19. Ruslan kH

    Atlanta, Atlanta, thank you!!

    Aug 12 •
  20. Michaant

    For the folks moaning about the Canada dates they’ve been already this is them coming back. Saw them in Toronto a few weeks ago, brilliant gig.

    Aug 12 •
  21. Angie Balbo

    Cleveland would be overjoyed!

    Aug 12 •
  22. George

    Are you serious? How can you not be coming to Chicago???

    Aug 12 •
  23. Brando

    CHICAGO is the third LARGEST city in the USA. WHY are there no stops in or even around Chicago?? Massive Attack needs a booking agent who is more familar with US geography!!!!

    Aug 12 •
  24. Mandy Rose

    No midwest shows? Are you adding more dates? Chicago, please! You have a huge following in the midwest!

    Aug 12 •
  25. Kaoken

    No Seattle? someone is gonna get tongue punched in the fart box.

    Aug 12 •
  26. Pete

    What about DENVER :(

    Aug 12 •
  27. Poly

    Chicago please!!

    Aug 12 •
  28. Nick

    Two of my favourite bands on the same bill – only problem is I live in Ireland! Any chance of dates in Europe!?

    Aug 12 •
  29. stef

    Thank you guys to come in Montreal, it’s honored!! Yes, Yes, Yes !!!!! and play RUSH MINUTE!!

    Aug 12 •
  30. Félix

    Montréal fuck yeah! they were in Toronto for 2 dates in May, not so sad I missed them after all

    Aug 12 •
  31. stef

    @ Helmar18

    Habite tu Montréal ?

    Aug 12 •
  32. kevin

    No Houston? why do you need 3 days to get to California after Dallas.

    Aug 12 •
  33. Sergio

    I read you come to Mexico, Pls come to Monterrey NL

    Aug 12 •
  34. Kimberly

    Please come to Ontario!!!!

    Aug 12 •
  35. Kimberly

    I second that, please come to Ontario!!!!

    Aug 12 •
  36. Tim King

    Seriously, why nothing in Chicago?

    Aug 12 •
  37. David

    Why no Seattle? You’ve always had a large audience here for shows in the past.

    Aug 13 •
  38. Carolina

    Two US tours in less than a year and no dates in Chicago? Tune up your radar guys…

    Aug 13 •
  39. Daniel Phillips

    Please come to Chicago

    Aug 13 •
  40. Michelle

    So much complaining here. Doing my part to offset it: I am OVERJOYED Massive Attack is coming back to this side of the ocean so soon. When I couldn’t attend any of the spring shows I thought I’d have to wait another four years to see them. There are no dates in my nearest major metropolitan area either. But that’s okay… I’ll go to where they are. So excited!

    Aug 13 •
  41. Jenny

    Chicaggooooooooooooo…..just please? I beg of you? Can you as least say maybe later rather than not at all? I NEED to see you guys. Thanks- I love you.

    Aug 13 •
  42. Sanjay

    No way!! DC should be on the schedule

    Aug 14 •
  43. Joseph Patrick III

    I agree, Michelle. I Live near South Bend, Indiana. An hour drive to Chicago, but I am going to the Dallas, TX., show It’ll give me an excuse to see my family there. That being, that’s where I am from…………

    Aug 14 •
  44. Cyesm

    It was amazing your show in Saint-Malo !

    Thanks for sharing…

    Aug 17 •
  45. Alexandria Bayee


    Aug 17 •
  46. taj

    massive attack is coming to san diego! we are going to rock with you!

    Aug 17 •
  47. Evan Weiss

    Please come to Chicago. Please. There are so many of us who have been waiting for years to see you. I’ll buy you all drinks or books.

    Aug 18 •
  48. Sandra

    WHY NO CHICAGO!?!?!? :[

    Aug 18 •
  49. Richard

    Massive Attack are playing the Riveria Theatre in Chicago on the 15th October. This will make it the first date of the North American tour.

    Aug 18 •
  50. Carolina

    Just heard of the Chicago dates, Oct 15. This is the best freaking news ever!!! THANK YOU.

    Aug 18 •
  51. jc

    Very happy to see MA coming to Montreal!! We felt left out earlier this year when you were in Canada but skipped Montreal… I’ve seen T-Corp. before and I know they give a good show as well. Can’t wait, cheers!

    Aug 18 •
  52. leo

    Come on ONTARIANS u had your chance last year !!! come to the great city of MONTREAL… still some tickets left oct 18th.

    Aug 18 •
  53. leo

    @michelle I agree way too much complaining…

    Aug 18 •
  54. Angela

    Dallas!!!! So stoked.

    Aug 19 •
  55. Doron

    Please come to Chicago, guys. We have a great city here and we will rock the hell out of your show!

    Aug 19 •
  56. Carlo

    Come to Naples, italy!
    We are all waiting for a song for the team by massive attack!
    It would be fucking awesome!

    Aug 21 •
  57. vs

    Please please please come to Philadelphia!

    Aug 25 •
  58. Nick

    Great album, but … Um, Why not tour Chicago?! 3rd largest city in the US!

    Aug 30 •
  59. Marcelle

    MassiveAttack@House of Blues Boston, Mass-51310
    Incredible show, Daddy G. was in the house bumpin’ wit real cred. These guys are still the best all these years later and the show was as tight as can be. I shot some gr8 stills and video for my personal collection. I may see them @ the Orpheum in October but I’m still experiencing the glow from the May show.

    Aug 31 •
  60. Oliver

    hi there,
    why are the German gigs cancelled now??? I have booked hotel and trip…for both, money is gone…
    Any reasons?

    Sep 04 •
  61. daniel

    PORTLAND!!!!!! (oregon that is)

    Sep 05 •
  62. Mel

    MA and TC, two of my favorite acts together. Double win for me.

    Please come to Seattle. Please.

    Sep 08 •
  63. poizzenapple

    the first time in my life i regret that i don’t live in America … ((((
    welcome to Ukraine, guys! discover the country that you never toured before! ;)

    Sep 09 •
  64. Salma

    Omigod! OmiGod!! OMIGOD!!! Can’t Wait =)

    Sep 10 •
  65. Sergio

    !!!!!!welcome to Buenos Aires on 20 November.

    Sep 11 •
  66. jam876

    Why not Detroit??!!!!!

    Sep 12 •
  67. valerie

    come to HONG KONG pleaseeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    do an Asian tour!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Sep 17 •
  68. Betiana

    Are you coming to Argentina in november? Is that true?

    Sep 18 •
  69. Eric


    Sep 30 •
  70. Seth

    Please come to montana or washington! there are so many neglected followers out here in Northwest U.S. desperately lacking attention!

    Oct 05 •
  71. djuna

    Come to Santa Fe, NM!

    Oct 09 •
  72. Eugene

    I can’t believe i JUST found out about the Chicago date and now it’s too late for me to get there!

    Saw them in Toronto earlier this year…probably the best concert I’ve ever been to. I’d say they need to come to Ohio so I can go again. But honestly I can’t blame anyone for not coming here.

    Oct 15 •
  73. Stacy Hendricks

    Really wish you would include a Seattle date… we would pack out the joint… Saw you at Cochella and it was one of the best shows I’ve ever seen…!

    Oct 15 •
  74. Bart

    come to CHICAGO,please!!!

    Oct 16 •
  75. Wesrob1

    Unbelieveable concert 2 nights ago in Chicago!!! Thanks for the memories, and hope to see all of you back in Chicago again many more times!!!

    Oct 17 •
  76. Marko

    why don’t you make MA and TC as a combination in Croatia as well ???

    Oct 18 •
  77. gary

    what no hawaii? im livid! lol..

    Oct 24 •
  78. muyi

    please come soon to Berlin!!!

    Oct 26 •
  79. Yves

    Great show last night in Miami…..Thank You (;-))

    Oct 27 •
  80. Sunshine

    Awesome performance last night @ the Moog!

    Can’t wait to see you next year!

    Oct 31 •
  81. KH

    Aww you’re not going to Seattle?? :C

    Jan 11 •
  82. SpencerM

    Two of my favorite groups!

    Feb 07 •
  83. dave

    No Denver /sadface

    Oct 28 •
  84. Lindsay

    Please come to more places on the west coast. Portland? Seattle? Vancouver, Canada?)! :) We love you in the Pacific NW…let us show it!

    Nov 02 •
  85. ChelsBels

    Please Please Please come to the midwest! Don’t forget about us there are so many of us here who LOVE LOVE LOVE you!!!

    Nov 04 •

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