09 Sep 10

Warchild EP + One Off Live Show

Massive will release an EP and play a one-off show in London in November in aid of Warchild.

The EP will feature ‘Atlas Air’, a short film by Edouard Salier and a remix by Tim Goldsworthy plus a new version of the 2008 live favourite ‘Redlight’ and a remix by Warp artist Clark. It will be available digitally and as a limited edition 12″ with a screen-printed sleeve by Robert.

The EP release is line with the 15th anniversary of Warchild’s original ‘Help’ record.  You can read more about its inception here

Check back for show information, full track-listing and imagery soon.

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  1. Toy-like people make me Boy-like

    Yes! Yes! Yes! Thank you,Massive Attack,for the new EP and for the cause!

    Sep 09 •
  2. Exokick

    W H E N ? ? ? ? ? ?

    Sep 09 •
  3. poizzenapple

    war child – victim of political pride…
    great news, Massive!

    Sep 09 •
  4. Manu

    You are really the masters of THE sound and so beautiful music , I have a dream and a little jewel for you , go on youtube and ” leo perhaps perhaps perhaps ” or ” leo somewhere over the rainbow ” , my dream , that he sings for you . He hasn’ t his place in France .

    Sep 09 •
  5. Michael Clements

    Looking forward to it’s release. But please please please release the new version of Teardrop with Martina!!!

    Sep 22 •
  6. Pat Walsh

    Massive stuff once again, great to hear of new EP and even better to hear of new gig in November. Where and when? Hopefully I’ll be there, if I can get a ticket, can’t get enough of live Massive Attack! Hammersmith and Paris so far this year, hoping to complete a hat-trick of live gigs.

    Sep 23 •
  7. cecilia v.

    Exelente! exitos y suerte en este proyecto , para el bien comun. Desearia estar ahi , en ese momento. Saludos.

    Sep 28 •
  8. Knobloch

    Where are you now? I wanted to see you here in Munich tonight. Massive Attack Concert canceled. Are going to cancel your London show as well?

    120 bugs away, money for nothing – thank you!!

    Sep 30 •
  9. stef

    Atlas Air one of my best song ever of Massive Attack, the beat and the voice of D as awesome!! Thank you for your great great music!!

    Oct 11 •
  10. Pete

    Nice! When is the show in London?

    Oct 23 •
  11. Steve

    Is the London gig still going to happen???

    Nov 07 •

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