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(English) Warchild EP + One Off Live Show

Ci spiace, ma questo articolo è disponibile soltanto in English.

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  1. Toy-like people make me Boy-like

    Yes! Yes! Yes! Thank you,Massive Attack,for the new EP and for the cause!

    set 09 •
  2. Exokick

    W H E N ? ? ? ? ? ?

    set 09 •
  3. poizzenapple

    war child – victim of political pride…
    great news, Massive!

    set 09 •
  4. Manu

    You are really the masters of THE sound and so beautiful music , I have a dream and a little jewel for you , go on youtube and ” leo perhaps perhaps perhaps ” or ” leo somewhere over the rainbow ” , my dream , that he sings for you . He hasn’ t his place in France .

    set 09 •
  5. Michael Clements

    Looking forward to it’s release. But please please please release the new version of Teardrop with Martina!!!

    set 22 •
  6. Pat Walsh

    Massive stuff once again, great to hear of new EP and even better to hear of new gig in November. Where and when? Hopefully I’ll be there, if I can get a ticket, can’t get enough of live Massive Attack! Hammersmith and Paris so far this year, hoping to complete a hat-trick of live gigs.

    set 23 •
  7. cecilia v.

    Exelente! exitos y suerte en este proyecto , para el bien comun. Desearia estar ahi , en ese momento. Saludos.

    set 28 •
  8. Knobloch

    Where are you now? I wanted to see you here in Munich tonight. Massive Attack Concert canceled. Are going to cancel your London show as well?

    120 bugs away, money for nothing – thank you!!

    set 30 •
  9. stef

    Atlas Air one of my best song ever of Massive Attack, the beat and the voice of D as awesome!! Thank you for your great great music!!

    ott 11 •
  10. Pete

    Nice! When is the show in London?

    ott 23 •
  11. Steve

    Is the London gig still going to happen???

    nov 07 •

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