20 oct 10

(English) Robert’s Photo Blog no.28

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  1. Vania

    I love your photos, Robert! Looking forward to see you in Santiago de Chile next month, second time :D
    Well, if you miss Bristol I’m sure it’s because you love nature, then you should visit where I’m living now: Torres del Paine.

    Best regards!

    oct 20 •
  2. Shelley

    Poor you Robert, missing Bristol so much, surely this tour cant go on forever!! you’ll be home soon mate!! lovely photo’s though!! best wishes, Shelley. xxxx

    oct 20 •
  3. Beata S

    That sunrise/sunset photo with the sunrays coming out from behind the trees is awesome. Have you considered putting your photos in a gallery, Robert? =)

    oct 20 •
  4. Larubia

    like them all but if I had to choose … ‘i miss Bristol? …

    oct 20 •
  5. Annie get your gun

    I want that pavement photo….

    oct 20 •
  6. johnny

    I like the photos, but where are the world trade center in flames?
    to give the massive attack touch

    oct 20 •
  7. eric torres

    Hi Robert ! I really enjoy your pictures each times ; I do a lot myself and I really think we have the same kind of Inspiration .I enjoy a lot Heligoland , but sorry I missed your show in Lyon last Year . Keep on doing what you do ! I really LOVE Massive A . § Come to see my pictures on FacebooK !

    oct 20 •
  8. Nicola Zaffalon

    CIAO. Thank you very much for these beautiful pictures. NICOLA

    oct 20 •
  9. cecilia v.

    Muy buenas fotos. La ultima, es la mas linda . Tu Extrañas Bristol……. esa foto me hace acordar donde vivo yo . Un Abrazo.

    oct 20 •
  10. stef

    Great picture!! Thanks for the fantastic gig in Montreal, the fans appreciate and I read a great great review for the show!

    oct 20 •
  11. Leila

    I am from Chicago but live in Cardiff, been to Bristol a lot. A number of people I have met tell me Bristol reminds them of Chicago and vice-versa.

    oct 20 •
  12. Robert Paczkowski

    Love the city and the pavement photo.

    oct 20 •
  13. Eric

    You guys absolutely killed it last night….saw you at House of Blues in March too….come back soon!

    oct 20 •
  14. anna vixen

    like those cracks in asphalt)

    oct 20 •
  15. monica

    The clarity is great! What kind of camera do you use???? And of course the pavement you shot so beautifully…

    oct 20 •
  16. TJ

    I was missing Bristol & the UK until I arrived back to scraping ice from my windscreen this morning.
    Enjoy the tour boys & girls.

    oct 20 •
  17. zamo

    pavement special

    oct 20 •
  18. Sandra

    Talented, Bristol and inspirational= Robert

    oct 20 •
  19. poizzenapple

    another great moments of everchanging environment – your photos to celebrate “em…
    love your pics, artworks & music, come to Ukraine oneday …

    oct 20 •
  20. 789

    Closed eyed sky wide open

    oct 20 •
  21. Hernán

    I’m sorry for my ignorance, but, is this a blog where the actual Robert Del Naja publishes stuff?

    oct 21 •
  22. mz green

    Bristol miss you too x

    (and yes Hernan, it is true)

    oct 21 •
  23. c72

    hi there – the last one my favourite

    oct 21 •
  24. Mary Mew

    Miss you and Bristol where I’ve never been

    oct 21 •

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