22 ott 10

(English) Robert’s Photo Blog: NYC

Ci spiace, ma questo articolo è disponibile soltanto in English.

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  1. poizzenapple

    is it your astral twin on the first photo?… he-he.. )))
    nice shots of Big Apple’s life… have a good time…

    ott 22 •
  2. koray

    the first picture is awesome! but there were three more.

    ott 22 •
  3. Nicola Zaffalon

    CIAO. These are some beautiful pictures of New York! Very nice. NICOLA

    ott 22 •
  4. RJ

    A fan!

    ott 23 •
  5. ATA K


    ott 23 •
  6. c72

    *smile* and on the other hand – Manchester City Vs Arsenal – 24/10/2010. 16:00pm

    ott 23 •
  7. Mel

    Was at show last night & saw the first two songs from 4th row back until got kicked out for giving a smoke to my seat mates… I’m a 34 year old single mom! Stood outside & listened to the entire show from back door : ( boo! Beacon Theatre is certainly no Brixton Academy. You killed it though, well done! Hope to see you again next time around x

    ott 23 •
  8. Ian Thomson

    Bristol City and Napoli showing at Nevada Smiths? Good week to be in NYC.

    ott 24 •
  9. tomo

    Hajduk Split, not Hadjuk…greeting from Split, Croatia…MA rules

    ott 26 •

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