25 oct. 10


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  1. nadine wood

    creative pics

    oct. 25 •
  2. sab

    was at the boston-show and both in new york!!! i had such a good time, you guys always make me happy!!! i love you!
    missed atlas air at the 2nd nyc-show – what happened to robert?

    devastated that the upcoming shows in germany had been cancelled.’*sadface* hope, i manage to see you guys somewhere else again, soon!

    with much love from berlin

    oct. 25 •
  3. Agu

    aaalways nice pics! waiting for you in Argentina!

    oct. 25 •
  4. cecilia v.

    los tres mosqueteros del tubo?

    oct. 25 •
  5. stef

    Great pictures again, thanks for this Robert!!

    oct. 25 •
  6. Tim

    OMG! Poor illuminant power box! Or, maybe, something else…

    oct. 25 •
  7. galfa

    wow! welcome to the usa! so glad you are here and LOVE your music and LOVE your courage to say that you would not perform in the apartheid nation, you are able to achieve greatness, and still stand up for justice in this world. -from texas with love!

    oct. 25 •
  8. Larubia

    really good, 2nd great, 3rd messing around with us, self portraits are always messed… ;P

    oct. 25 •
  9. Silvia

    oh yes!

    oct. 25 •
  10. JTorres

    Thank you for sharing all of these photos!
    Your music really is my drug. It sways me…

    oct. 25 •
  11. MIKE


    oct. 25 •
  12. henry

    Pronto en CHILE………

    oct. 25 •
  13. poizzenapple

    nice pics, thanks Rob…

    oct. 25 •

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