28 Oct 10

Robert’s Photo Blog no.31

my ami…

carolina – miami drive…


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  1. CR

    I’m digging the shark.

    Oct 28 •
  2. anita florentini

    Very very good! Especially the third…you’re a great photographer, Robert!

    Oct 28 •
  3. astral

    more lovely skies!! i took quite a few pics of the world above us in Florida too!! i’ve gotta settle down and get to painting after the US tour. having too much fun right now tho ;)

    Oct 28 •
  4. stef

    My ami great picture Robert!!

    Oct 28 •
  5. AlliKay

    Have friends that caught your show at Bayfront Park and LOVED it. I am very jealous. Then again, I’ve seen you a few times in the NL. Come back!

    Oct 28 •
  6. c72

    [ this is good ] the first one is beautiful and the last one, it’s very, very cool . . I like abstract things

    Oct 28 •
  7. dana

    very nice pictures, robert. and all of them are made with your iphone? impressive!

    Oct 28 •
  8. cecilia v.

    Para disfrutar , , agradables sensaciones , movimientos , exactos juegos entra sombras y luces , muy bueno! . Gracias Robert , Abrazo .

    Oct 28 •
  9. cecilia v.

    SE disfrutan tus fotos , gracias, que pases lindos momentos. Esperamos verte en Argentina,! chau

    Oct 28 •
  10. Robert

    Gorgeous photos, Robert. You and G (and of course Shara, Horace, and Martina) blew us away in New York last week. Keep on being creative in everything you do.

    Oct 29 •
  11. Robert Paczkowski

    1st one, papier thin buildings, they seem to be semi-transparent.

    Oct 29 •
  12. Nicola Zaffalon

    CIAO. Some nice sunny days and cloudy skies! Nice! NICOLA

    Oct 29 •
  13. James X.

    Large up fellas. Great show in Miami. Ask G. if he liked the vape!

    Oct 29 •
  14. Jill

    I understand you will be boycotting Israel.

    What a coincidence – I and my friends have got rid of all of your music from our shelves and will not replace them or buy new ones.
    We don’t like mob rule, smear camapigns and liars.

    Oct 30 •
  15. Larubia

    I’ll talk about the pics again … A shift in y way of taking pics or is just a wrong hint of mine? great the same …

    Oct 30 •
  16. Lorraine

    Thank you for coming to Miami, the show was unforgettable!!!

    Nov 02 •

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