03 nov 10

(English) Robert’s Photo Blog: Memphis

Disculpa, pero esta entrada está disponible sólo en English.

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  1. Parker

    These are some really cool shots. Whats the last one of? Some kind of robot?

    nov 03 •
  2. sab

    oh, the sun studio! jonny cash, roy orbison…

    nov 03 •
  3. Temper

    It’s a reel to reel tape recorder without the tape reels.. innit

    nov 03 •
  4. SanctumStar3

    Sunshine on Our Shoulder…thanks for making Us Happy~er w Ur pics bro…another angle on the Creative flow ya…Bless U tribe!!!.~*

    nov 03 •
  5. Lauren

    That is an old reel to reel!

    nov 03 •
  6. Vanessa


    nov 03 •
  7. c72

    the second one *

    nov 03 •
  8. 789

    all flowers in time bend towards the sun

    nov 03 •
  9. Kate

    These photos been distracting me from my job for the last week. I will be seeing your Berkeley, California show this weekend, and I can’t focus on anthing else. I work for a college athletics department and the biggest football game in school history is occuring this weekend with colossal media coverage. Though I would love to be here, I wouldn’t trade my tickets to see you for the world.

    nov 03 •
  10. A.

    #3: ‘magnetofon!’ :)

    nov 03 •
  11. Lililies

    Elvis, u still on my mind…..

    nov 03 •
  12. piero

    I believe such landscape saw Elvis when walking on SUN studio for recording his Mom birthday greetings musicard and such a rare tapecorder! They would record Elvis on strings in case if inventors were unstoppable

    nov 03 •
  13. cecilia v.

    Sun Studio : cuantas almas dejaron su marca ahi .

    nov 03 •
  14. diegoq

    nice photos robert, waiting for your band in Bogota next week :)

    nov 03 •
  15. Unkle

    i love you massive

    nov 04 •
  16. trina

    that looks so cool… its funny to see cars driving on the right hand side of the road

    feb 15 •

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