06 nov. 10

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  1. Stephen

    Awesome shots.. Sure wish you could have made it to Seattle.. Five tour dates in California and zero in Seattle. Still love Massive Attack though, please make sure to hit Seattle next time. Cheers.

    nov. 06 •
  2. Lililies

    aaahhhh!!! this is interesting!…good work on the substances, the forms… really really more interesting…

    nov. 07 •
  3. poizzenapple

    Atlas Air….
    nice blog…
    nice shots….
    nice mix….
    congrats & lookin for more new stuff!

    nov. 08 •
  4. poizzenapple

    does anyone see my comments?
    seems they don’t detectin by system…

    nov. 08 •
  5. c72

    This is great – love it

    nov. 09 •
  6. stef

    Art Blog it’s a Great idea!!

    nov. 11 •
  7. jason

    You guys rock. Seriously. I wish i didn’t live in such a small town. I think i may be the only one here who even knows that Massive Attack is a band, not a terrorist threat level…lol.

    keep it up! i know u will!


    nov. 11 •

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