10 nov. 10

(English) Robert’s Photo Blog no.33

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  1. Caroline Carson

    Pictures of Mexico please??? I’m from there!!!!! And i know you guys are there now :)

    nov. 10 •
  2. A.S.Gierke

    interesting and great as ever……;-)

    nov. 10 •
  3. c72

    great photography . . . the first one, my fave

    nov. 10 •
  4. sab

    love the 2nd one!

    nov. 10 •
  5. Larubia

    @poizzenaple, reed your comments, read your manifesto of non invisibility, and I’m responding… your a great fan, great… comment if you wish… nice sharing this pages… see you around… ;)

    nov. 10 •
  6. Ursula

    I love your art Robert, you are a truly artist in all senses, thanks for inspiring and for liking Mexico .

    nov. 11 •
  7. RonColony

    This is a very nice blog… You’ve got a special-eye for art… Nice time

    nov. 11 •
  8. poizzenapple

    nice pics, my taste of photography indeed…

    nov. 11 •
  9. carlo carloni

    a tutto tondo

    nov. 15 •

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