14 nov 10

(English) Robert’s Photo Blog: Monserat

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  1. cecilia v.

    Hermosa vista de la ciudad de Monserrat. Siempre me gustaron las calles con sus casa de los barrios de Colombia, son especiales. Se los ve muy lindos y la gente es linda ahi. Muy buenas fotos y gracias por compartirlas. Nos vemos pronto. chau.

    nov 14 •
  2. Willy

    Love you guys!
    thanks for coming!

    nov 14 •
  3. Violeta Rodriguez

    thanks for coming, your concert was amazing. Back soon

    nov 14 •
  4. Disordely

    Amazing concert!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!amazing boys

    nov 14 •
  5. c72

    I say ‘hi’ to the third photo – I love the next one [fave]

    nov 14 •
  6. Laura

    I am still astonished remembering how amazing the concert was and you guys being here in my beloved Bogotá!!!! I am so happy about this! Thank you for fantastic music, thank you for coming, thanks for this marvelous show and come back soon! or better, don´t leave!

    nov 14 •
  7. Hernán

    Loved you guys here, have to come back!

    nov 15 •
  8. Maria

    Wow! I’m living in London but I am from Colombia. And although I saw your show here and was very happy, I cannot imagine the experience it would have been in Bogotá. Thanks for going because there are a lot of fans and for us music lovers having bands like yours is priceless.
    Nice pic from Monserrate! I hope you enjoyed the visit. Cheers!

    nov 15 •
  9. Sonia C

    That’s Here in Bogota!
    Guys i hope you’ve liked the city. Let Me tell you that we are all very thankful for what you did the friday!
    it was very exciting to have had you here!
    Thanks a lot Come Back Soon!

    nov 15 •
  10. rapetino

    We really appreciate the show you guys played in Colombia. It was just great.
    Thanks again.

    nov 15 •
  11. Gustavo Chaparro

    Great too see you guys enjoyed jour stay in Bogotá (my city)… What a great concert… Incredible research of our country in showed in the LED screens in some of the songs…. Thanks for coming!!!

    nov 15 •
  12. E Alfredo Cortes

    Gracias por un espectaculo increible, sin duda el mejor que visto y que vere en mucho tiempo!

    nov 15 •


    nov 15 •

    El concierto del viernes creo que mejoró mi vida, era un sueño que nunca pensé que se cumpliera, por favor regresen pronto, si vienen 20 veces mas los voy a ver 20 veces, su música es toda una experiencia! Creo que se dieron cuenta de lo emotivos que somos los colombianos ok??? ;)

    nov 15 •
  15. Daniel

    Well, thank you for visit us, i hope that you come back so i finally may see you at the stage, i regret forever by not go last friday to your gig. for me very sad. but for COLOMBIA VERY GREAT. HOPE IS NEVER ENDING, JUST SAY PLEASE COME BACK SOON

    nov 15 •
  16. Poow

    Thank you so much!!!!! I full of happiness! Thanks for such a unique and wonderfull gig in Bogota! I hope you enjoyed Bogotá…we’re waiting again, please come back soon!! Your music is the voice of my soul! I love u ever!

    nov 15 •
  17. Chan

    Thank you very much for the show in Bogota, the greatest I´ve ever seen, Come back soon.

    nov 16 •
  18. One Black Cloud

    thanks guys!! you are wonderful!!! deserve the best of this life, with all my heart a fan with a dream fulfilled!!!

    nov 17 •
  19. rafaespinosa

    one million thanks for coming, I still can´t believe the quality, the power and commitment that brings your show, you left everything on stage, it was a dream come true, I hope you come back, thank you again!

    nov 17 •
  20. danizaguirre

    OMG your concer was unbelieveable!!! i still have flashbacks to teardrop and karmacoma, wow!!!! Thank u so much for a lovely evening and the Recoil after party was AWESOME!!! Hope you guys visit Caracas on your next tour, but if u don’t i’m soo glad we went to Bogota to enjoy the best concert ever. Best to Martina she was awesome too!!!

    nov 18 •


    nov 18 •
  22. Li R2

    Hey, great!!
    Thanks a lot for that show that night!! I’ll never forget it, it was just… amazing. And thanks for the pic with you… i can’t believe that i could talk to you, i was petrified with your eyes… the best birthday’s gift ever had!!

    nov 18 •
  23. Andres Santamaria

    next time lets set a photoshoot guys eejeje:), all the best wishes from Bogotá

    nov 18 •
  24. KURT

    Hi guys

    great to meet you on Monserrat…
    Great concert @ Colliseo….
    Look forward to see and hear you soon

    take a good rest ater all this touring, and surprise us with another masterpiece ;-)



    nov 29 •

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