15 nov. 10

(English) Robert’s Photo Blog: More Colombia

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  1. Kitten of Doom

    wow awesome pics!

    nov. 15 •
  2. William Hernandez

    Where was that? Bogota or Medellin? I was down there back in June. Nice pics!

    nov. 15 •
  3. Likrish

    Colombia is badass…I love visting there…awesome that you got to see Montserati!

    nov. 15 •
  4. mesesan

    Second photo from this strip – what mountain is that? Beautiful.

    nov. 15 •
  5. Tim

    Reminds me Zlatoust.

    nov. 15 •
  6. Claudia

    Check up La Jugeteria, a restaurant filled with old toys. Looks almost like a museum.

    nov. 15 •
  7. diegoq

    As I see, the hangover after the party with Recoil didn´t stop visiting my beautiful city, Monserrate and all the Bogota stuff, thanks a lot, see you next time, the Bogottack was absolutly M A SS I V E !!!

    nov. 15 •
  8. c72

    4th photo ; who did that painting ? – it’s really awesome – nice view in the last one

    nov. 15 •


    nov. 15 •
  10. Nathalie

    Desde Monserrate :D

    nov. 15 •
  11. Hernán

    mate, you’re awsome, plus i like taking pictures like you too, mate! Love you man!!

    nov. 15 •

    this is my country, beautiful, I want to see you again here in Bogotá.. Massive….yeeeeeeeahh!

    nov. 15 •
  13. marvkan

    Hey Robert
    Cool photos. Enjoyed MA music for a long time.
    Wanted to warn you that someone has used your music in « making of » fashion video.
    Don’t knoow if you’ve affixed a Creative commons license to the tune or not. MA doesn’t even get a credit for the song!

    here’s the link


    nov. 15 •
  14. javier g.

    We all massively *loved* the concert in Bogotá! Waves upon waves of awesomeness. Absolutely unforgettable. Thank you so so soooo much. Really hope to see you again soon.

    [the summer's gone before you know // the muffled drums of relentless flow] [!]

    nov. 15 •
  15. Carlos Ruiz

    D3 thanks for coming, was an unforgettable show!, come back soon! greetings from Bogota!!!

    nov. 15 •
  16. Maria Paula

    Beautiful concert in Bogotá! better than spiritualized in the radio city music hall, better than depeche mode in Bogotá, better than everything! Hope to see you soon here!

    nov. 15 •
  17. VivianitaVR

    Love your photos of my city! Your concert is one of my best nights of the year. Please come back anytime!

    nov. 15 •
  18. Johann Diaz

    Nice pics!!!! You guys were absoutely awesome!!!! Welcome again to Bogotá anytime!!!

    nov. 15 •
  19. Paola V

    Oh… I’m still excited and moved. I can’t even find words to describe the sublime and amazing night you gave us. I was really beautiful. Every single second of your show was both powerful and sweet. I’m so thankful. It was a dream come true.
    Indeed, « You came to move our soul »

    Thanks for coming. I hope to see you again really soon. Love you guys.

    Robert: Lovely pics!

    nov. 15 •
  20. Poow

    Thank you so much!!!!! Your music makes shine my soul, I full of happiness! Thanks for such a unique and wonderfull gig in Bogota! Please come back soon!!!! :D

    nov. 15 •
  21. Juli

    Thank you so much for the magical experience in Bogotá… You split our atoms… come back soon…. BOGOTA LOS AMA!

    nov. 16 •
  22. cecilia v.

    Por Dios !!! qué hermosas fotos !!! ´ pero las que mas le agradan a mi corazon son la primera y la segunda fotos. Un abrazo enorme ! chau

    nov. 16 •
  23. rumpelstiltskin

    I’m from Bogota but saw you in NYC twice this year >> best concerts I’ve been to.. ever!!! I cannot imagine how the concert in Bogota must have been… I really wish I could have been there!! (…NYC crowd was soooo boring!!)
    > loved your pictures.

    nov. 16 •
  24. Jacho80

    Guys, thank you so much for coming to Colombia.

    The gig was awesome, it took me out of this world to the deepest regions of my mind, as your music always does. Hope to see you soon again.

    Manizales presente en Massive Attack, 12 nov. 2010 !!!!

    PD: Nice messages on the led screen. Legalizacion Maryjane.

    nov. 16 •
  25. Evgen

    Jeez, Robert was lucky to have been in Colombia and Colombia was lucky to host Massive Attack.
    It is a typical win-win situation ;) apart from that, nice pics indeed.

    nov. 16 •
  26. Jóse

    When you go to Lima Perú ? …. Atack Massive to Lima please ¡¡¡¡

    nov. 16 •
  27. LuchinoVisconti

    Awesome gig!
    Come back soon!

    nov. 16 •
  28. socar


    You’re always welcome to our country.
    The next concert with Beth Gibbons and PH’s staff? :)

    It’s a same not to have gone. Another day would be….
    Please, come back again soon.

    Greetings from Colombia.

    nov. 17 •


    nov. 18 •


    nov. 18 •
  31. Li R2

    I really hope you enjoyed your stay in our city… All of you
    very nice pics, and please, COME BACK SOON to make us happy again and again!!

    nov. 18 •
  32. Iván Jaimes

    Gracias por ese concierto que dieron acá en Bogotá (great show that you gave here in Bogotá, thanks).
    Come back anytime.
    Nice picks, if You need more, just tell me.

    nov. 25 •

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