17 nov 10

(English) Robert’s Photo Blog: Belo Horizonte 2

Ci spiace, ma questo articolo è disponibile soltanto in English.

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  1. carlo carloni

    Belo Horizonte
    to be

    nov 17 •
  2. 4:20

    it’s time

    nov 17 •
  3. Ricardo Fortunato

    4:20 it is about time

    nov 17 •
  4. Alexander

    Thanks for the nice picture taken at the airporto in Belo Horizonte, Brasilia we left onlyto see the show, was a unique experience. Big hug Alex and Kadu.

    nov 17 •
  5. Larubia

    it’s probably the saddest block of images… K

    nov 17 •
  6. c72

    photo number 5 – ripple effect

    nov 17 •
  7. Anapaula

    Nice pics.
    Waiting for some clicks in SP.


    nov 17 •
  8. Tim

    Liking the second one.

    nov 17 •
  9. redd

    wow… just one day and you’ve seen a lot of places in BH! hope you come back soon (on a shiny day) to play again for us!

    nov 17 •
  10. Salomão Terra

    Hi there! Nice Shots, incredible concert… We was very excited about your first concert here… It was amazing… those leds, nice keyboards tunes, the energy and good musicians… we hope you come back soon, at BH or maybe BR. Don’t forget us, srsrsrs

    See ya!

    nov 17 •
  11. Beatriz

    Obrigado por virem a Belo Horizonte! Voltem sempre! O show foi ótimo!!! Inigualável! Muito sucesso sempre! Até mais…abraços.

    nov 17 •
  12. Jeferson Oliveira

    Great pics! Specially the “Praça do Papa” and “Edifício Niemeyer”.

    I hope you come back here soon!

    nov 17 •
  13. Pipo

    Hey Robert! Eagerly waiting for your show tomorrow night here in Santiago! It will definetely be 4:20 time tomorrow night!
    Cheers mate!

    nov 17 •
  14. nevan darko

    del naja….

    we love your band…thanks….

    nov 17 •
  15. Mariana Jó

    Actually, the 5th pic is a building in São Paulo. It’s name is COPAN. Oscar Niemeyer’s work

    nov 19 •
  16. Marcela

    Besides singing very well is a great photographer…. rsrsrs
    I love yours photos

    nov 19 •
  17. Emerson Robert



    nov 26 •

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