18 Nov 10

Robert’s Photo Blog: Sao Paulo 2

analogue version of our show…

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  1. Thuany

    I would expect no less from those who make music with the heart as Robert. I must admit that the coming of the Massive Attack to Sao Paulo gladdened my year. Thank you for the wonderful spectacle and your love for music.


    Nov 18 •
  2. Ricardo Fortunato

    hey 3D… come visit londrina when you have a chance :D

    Nov 18 •
  3. jackie

    love it.

    Nov 18 •
  4. c72

    [this is good ] the first one – second one [beautiful drops] and third photography love those clouds

    Nov 18 •
  5. regina

    you guys are so awesome. thanks for making my dream come true. great great great concert on tuesday night. respect. xx

    Nov 18 •
  6. Pipo

    Say “HIGH” to Horace Andy! Cheers mates, see ya tonight!

    Nov 18 •
  7. Marcelo Ribeiro

    Robert your music makes me feel strong when the whole world says I’m weak

    Nov 18 •
  8. cecilia v.

    Interesante analogia, muy buenas fotos. Brasil es impresionante , hermosa, y muy rica en signos , en su cultura. Suerte para todos en Chile. Nos vemos pronto en Bs As. . Big hug…..chau.

    Nov 18 •
  9. Tim

    Such a gorgeous sky on the third one…

    Nov 18 •
  10. 789

    analogy over analogy

    Nov 18 •
  11. jimmie

    love dat 3 working guys :P

    Nov 18 •
  12. sab

    ouch, rain in sao paulo! same shitty weather as here in berlin!

    Nov 18 •
  13. Larubia

    love the clouds though…

    Nov 18 •
  14. monica

    Your so talented Robert! I love that first photo and the spider!

    Nov 18 •
  15. Claudio Pereira

    The vulture call “Urubù” Robert……..see you tonight at the show in Santiago de Chile….cheers

    Nov 18 •
  16. Daniele

    I love the fact that you are feeling the city!!
    The concert was something out off this world!! Hope to see you soon!!

    Ps. I’ve posted the third picture in my blog!!

    Nov 19 •
  17. Iuri

    3D Pictures.

    Nov 19 •
  18. nevan darko

    we love massive attack…

    daddy G
    damon reece

    Nov 19 •
  19. Larubia

    spiders are good insects, I like them, eat mosquitoes and keep there eggs around them protected till they cam hatch … not disgusting at all… nets are only for survival… hate to kill spiders…
    this one can represent opposed ideas from mine, but spiders are ‘good mothers’ …
    sorry if y disagree…

    Nov 19 •
  20. Vania

    oh my dog! the sky in the third one is simply amazing!!!!! I love it.
    Thanks for yesterday! I was hypnotized… soon I’ll post some pics at the community.
    Again, muchas gracias!

    Un abrazo,


    Nov 19 •
  21. piero

    Like Andy says: jump, jump, but get not so high !

    Nov 19 •

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