18 Nov 10

Robert’s Photo Blog: Sao Paulo


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  1. Leo Cavallini

    Thanks a lot for the show here in São Paulo guys, wish to portray MA someday!

    Nov 18 •
  2. Flavia Jorge

    I’ll miss you!!! All the best, please, come back soon! ;)

    Nov 18 •
  3. grzeniu

    2nd photo from the top:

    2 kings on the thrones ;)

    Nov 18 •
  4. juli

    hmmmmmmmmm it´s raininig all over south america…..

    Nov 18 •
  5. Vania

    adoro Brasil!
    see you tomorrow Robert @ Espacio Riesco

    Nov 18 •
  6. Ivete

    So great! This is my town!!!! I ‘m very sad because I couldn’t go To see the show but evebody told me that the night was so nice, fantastic and you were so good. Ok… I’ll wait for the next…xxxxx

    Nov 18 •
  7. Luciana

    I was at the show yesterday and it was so intense… One of the greatest moments of my life.

    “Obrigado very much.”

    Please come back soon.

    Nov 18 •
  8. Iuri

    Podre de elegante a segunda foto!

    Nov 18 •
  9. Alex Meyer

    Thanks for yesterday in Sao Paulo, guys.
    My first Massive Attack’s gig ever, so unforgettable!!

    It was really amazing, even missing some pearls like “Paradise Circus”, “Sly”, “What your soul sings” and “Protection”.

    (Just loved the stop / rewind act in Karmacoma, lol)
    Please keep coming back again

    Nov 18 •
  10. Matt Barnes

    Awww.. look at you two.
    Keep em coming!

    Nov 18 •
  11. Marta Rainho

    please guys, Rio on the next tour!!!

    Nov 18 •
  12. Bruno

    Thank you so much for the best show of my life. I have never seen such energy during a concert, it was pretty intense. The gig was all perfect. I’m still amazed with what i saw and heard yesterday. Please, come back.
    Take care and keep up with the awsome music.
    Regards from Brasil.

    Nov 18 •
  13. c72

    hola, morning – the second and the last one – SYL

    Nov 18 •
  14. Janaina

    “Obrigado very much” was the cuttest!
    Thank you for all that data poping in our minds, it was intense.
    The music was beyound all my expectations. I’m following you guys since blue lines and it’s amazing how you sound better and better. Hmmmm I guess you where at the Unique Hotel, hope they treat you well.

    Muito beijos!

    Nov 18 •
  15. Luana

    Best show ever! I can’t wait for you guys to return!

    Nov 18 •
  16. Larubia

    Second Iuri, ‘podre de elegante’, was a good comment, couldn’t remind me of something even close to say…
    Love São Paulo, Jardins…

    Nov 18 •
  17. Katya

    Hi ! Tks for the great show in São Paulo !!!!

    Nov 18 •
  18. Aguida

    I cannot begin to explain what i felt during your concert!
    I’m from Amazon, and I went to São Paulo just to see Massive, it was REALLY worth it. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

    Nov 19 •
  19. Yuri Andrei

    I’ll never forget this show! Your music is really important for me! And Im very grateful that you guys gave me such an unforgettable time…THANKS!

    Nov 20 •
  20. Eduardo Zanardi

    I was at the show in Sao Paulo, Brasil. I was so touched by the show, I wrote a text about what to me was more than a show, it was an “experience”. I ask permission to put it here.
    Massive Attack, Sao Paulo, Brazil, 16 november 2010 – Music to ascend. To ascend to the deepest hell. The hell of you. Once there, hear the drums of the timeless tribes, calling the rain of sound that washes your skin and your soul. Turn on: you’re in a ritual! Take some time to wake up his sleeping demons over and invite them to the celebration. There is space. Allow your brain matter to release itself from its container. A jackhammer is available and in action. The question is: it sticks out or in? No matter, there is no container. The chaotic sound reminds you that life is in chaos. Get what you need from there. Sort if you want to focus. Everything screams loudly. Instruments, voices, samples. A voice wants freedom, and repeats, repeats, repeats. If you listen closely, you’ll find your own voice is part of the choir. But the voice did not want freedom only for herself, it wishes to everyone. And then one sun multiplies itself behind the clouds of smoke, and through the slats of the projective fence, spreads to other suns generating shadows of flame V.U.s, hitting the top, always. And then you desperately want the red. Believe, you’re there, that gift is yours. That is happening, and you’re part of it, pulsing to the rhythm of universal cut of that time. You’re alive! And the digital sea is shown in day and night, getting lost and being put back in the cracks of yes and no, the presence and absence. Persistence. And the cones covered by veils let pass, through its folds, the clouds formed by local smoke. Movement! When you look up, you see the time. Before torn timelessness, now it spreads into the vault of his momentary world and organizing themselves in a repeating pattern, to show the forms in sync with the constant and changing pulse. Cycles! Back at the scene in front of you, you see the arrivals and departures, understanding that there is always a beginning and an end to the journey, and there are several routes in existence. From Cairo to Kabul, from Kabul to Stambul, from Stambul to Tokyo, from Tokyo to Cairo. Coming and going, your mind moves, your body repairs itself. Listen loud. You know this frequency, this pulse, this density. It’s coming from inside, runs on yours channels. You know that intensity, but you want to, and accept to. Listen higher! Raise your hands! Open your heart, your spirit, your chakras, your gates! You transcended!

    Dec 10 •
  21. Zukimia

    I love Robert’s photos of shades. I think he has a special vision while making them.
    Btw, you guys have very similar shoes:)

    Love U with all my heart, your music is inspiring, sooo inspiring!

    Mar 13 •

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