19 Nov 10

Robert’s Photo Blog: Sao Paulo 3

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  1. jackie

    last photo… what is that?

    Nov 19 •
  2. Anapaula

    My city here, wow!

    Nov 19 •
  3. c72

    the second one * . . the fourth photo – that’s great – love those curving branches & finally, fifth photo is a nice vision , still life except one of them. .

    Nov 19 •
  4. Unkle

    on 2 photo there i sae guitar :):) great photos

    for me last pictures name is “active movements”

    Massive Attack must come in Georgia (Tbilisi) :( plz here meny people loves your and your music

    it’s my dream ! :(

    Nov 19 •
  5. Larubia

    the trees entangled and the solo green leaf, quite poetic…
    the messy last not so…

    Nov 19 •
  6. cecilia v.

    De todo un poco. …… flores de jacaranda , podridumbre, gente descansando de su trabajo, un cielo apesar de los edificios, un punto de vista diferente de una estatua…….arboles…………. cosas feas y lindas de la vida…….

    Nov 19 •
  7. Y.

    The trees’ branching resembles the patterns of our nerves and vessels: all inadvertently alive – until fallen dead, waiting to be recycled. amazed by the qualities of the recent pictures in San Paulo; an inspirational place I guess, the photographer must be in a good form besides.

    Nov 19 •
  8. Adriana Frade

    You’re So COOL!!!!!! xxxxxxx

    Nov 19 •
  9. piero

    Yea that’s right)) it’s Sao Paolo (including last shot, it’s rotten seafood, right?) inspite of the fact that i lived in Sheraton or Hilton there, favels and prisons were the last items i saw before airport. I just love Sao!

    Nov 19 •
  10. Vania

    fourth and fifth are like my kind of pictures! I don’t know why but I love trees and branches, and especially if looking at the sky :)

    Nov 19 •
  11. Adenocarcinoma de pulmon

    Muy buen articulo, quería decirles que pese a no participar, su blog es uno de los poco que sigo diariamente. Saludos! Romina

    Dec 25 •

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