21 nov. 10

(English) Robert’s Photo Blog no.34

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  1. c72

    the last one is awesome – my fave. . . it’s really beautiful – the first one is cool , but the last one. . . how beautiful is..

    nov. 21 •
  2. jackie

    beautiful! gloria y en la muerte…

    nov. 21 •
  3. mauro

    thanks for the gig in COLOMBIA. please come back soon.

    nov. 21 •
  4. sab

    i know, you guys have been on these endless tour forever and everyone must be glad, that it’s over – but i cannot help to feel sad about the end. thank you for many great fotos, i’m gonna miss the updates of the photo-blog!

    nov. 21 •
  5. Sebastian U

    That’s here in Chile!!!
    Thank you guys for an amazing show. I wish you could have performed 2 times in Santiago!

    « In the time of glory and in the time of death »….

    nov. 21 •
  6. Diogo

    Excellent show tonight on Buenos Aires!! I hope you guys, upload photos from my beautiful city! :)

    nov. 21 •
  7. carlo carloni

    complimenti rob

    nov. 21 •
  8. socar

    Amazing pics Robert!
    Colombia and other southamerica’ countries?

    Thanks for sharing

    nov. 21 •
  9. Natalia

    Home, going home… Thank you, D. You made a difference. Whether it was the kind you were hoping to make, or endless other varieties, you made it.

    Till future, and future better come quick.

    nov. 21 •
  10. Nat

    AMAZING/ INCREDIBLE/ I’LL NEVER FORGET IT show last night in Buenos Aires. Please come back soon next time! Saludos!!

    nov. 21 •
  11. jimmie

    send me that statue from pic. 1 to Poland pleeze ;/

    nov. 21 •
  12. Ricardo Fortunato

    come back

    nov. 21 •
  13. 789

    forever un]fulfilled

    nov. 22 •
  14. sunset

    Your pics are so nice!
    Simple and beautiful

    nov. 22 •
  15. will

    venezuela needs your Art 2

    nov. 22 •
  16. brustilda

    the most beutiful show in buenos aires…
    Everything was perfect, music, lights,the words behind, the full moon!!!
    it was a massive attack of poetic terrorism
    love you, thanks for coming
    universe bless you!

    nov. 22 •

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