22 nov 10

(English) Atlas Air EP Out Now

Disculpa, pero esta entrada está disponible sólo en English.

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  1. Nicolaj

    Just bought the EP, sounds pretty good, loving the remixes. That being said though, I’m deeply disappointed that the original Redlight isn’t on the EP. Is there any chance it could be released? :(

    nov 22 •
  2. Mr. Zaziki

    and where is the original redlight song you have promised??

    nov 22 •
  3. Jason

    Will it get a Beatport or Juno Release? Somewhere that doesn’t limit the format to mp3?

    nov 22 •
  4. c72

    fantastic painting

    nov 22 •
  5. mauro

    amazing…. getting my copy

    nov 22 •
  6. jackie


    nov 22 •
  7. ciD

    Cool! And thank for this GREAT tour.

    nov 22 •
  8. Toy-like people make me Boy-like

    Thank you again,Massive,for the great music! The EP is amazing and Redlight….(h)

    nov 22 •
  9. Ray Shackleford

    What is the name of the mix that is used in the video? I was expecting it to be on the EP, but instead there are two different mixes and then no original version of Redlight.

    nov 23 •
  10. Ray Shackleford

    DOh… just now realising that the mix on the video is the album one… somehow had convinced myself that it was different sine hearing it on the guardian’s site.

    nov 23 •
  11. redlight

    As mentioned several times above, please consider releasing the original version of Red Light, it’s truly a masterpiece worth a release of its own.

    dic 05 •
  12. Paulo Osório

    Yes! “Redlight” is a masterpiece…and “All I Want”…and “Heartcliff star”…and “Dobro”…too

    dic 09 •
  13. RJ

    Has anyone in the states received their vinyl yet?

    dic 10 •
  14. Trasheater

    No, man, nobody! :[

    dic 15 •
  15. BrianF

    Got the limited EP and love it, now all I need is to be able to afford the limited edition print.

    abr 12 •
  16. Ariel

    I love this CD!!!

    may 30 •

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