25 Nov 10

Robert’s Photo Blog: Buenos Aires 2

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  1. Janaina

    I love this city!!!

    Nov 25 •
  2. javier

    go boca juniors !

    Nov 25 •
  3. Nico

    you should have gone to River Plate`s stadium, noboody is perfect i guess jaja. Amazing show in Argentina!!! Come back soon.

    Nov 25 •
  4. Mark Milgravs

    Interesting pictures.
    Looks like you had fun over there.

    Nov 25 •
  5. Mateo Aguilar

    Hi Robert!
    I’m still recovering from the mind blowing show you played in Buenos Aires…
    I’ve never been stimulated that much, musically, visually and intelectually…
    Thank you so much for bringing your music and approach to this far end of the world.

    PS: Our drummer is still amazed to be on your blog!
    Cheer will last until you come again

    Nov 25 •
  6. Anapaula

    funny pics (and a lucky girl!!!)

    Nov 25 •
  7. guillaume

    if you need a photographer call me.
    Thanks for your music

    Nov 25 •
  8. Nat

    GENIAL!!!! Besos!

    Nov 25 •
  9. poizzenapple

    just awesome as always….
    silver tree shadows’s nice….

    Nov 25 •


    Nov 25 •
  11. adriana frade

    D, this is my second land, my Mum’s country, born in Buenos Aires…. Been living there a few years ago, for a few months…. And…. Piraña….. funny…….
    signs everywhere….. I see them everywhere…. Take care. A.

    Nov 25 •
  12. adriana frade

    Hi Dave!

    Nov 25 •
  13. adriana frade

    as they say… el culo del mundo! cause it’s sooo far away from everywhere, you must go to patagonia. maybe someday…

    Nov 25 •
  14. Killer_burritos

    Nice pictures!! Vamos Boca!!!! La mitad + 1

    Nov 25 •
  15. castrol

    Que gusto que bandas tan grandes vengan a latinoamerica sin ningun prejuacio

    Grande Massive attack

    Nov 25 •
  16. Marce Saints

    Rob you are so great !!! Boca is the best team in Argentina….the best team in the world !!!!!

    Nov 25 •

    definitivamente se les ve la felicidad y el gusto que sienten al ver la calidez latinoamericana, vuelvan pronto a Colombia y a toda America por favoooooooor.. se les ama!

    Nov 25 •
  18. Chemi

    I love Massive, i love Boca, i love Caminito!!! Massive in Italia…?

    Nov 25 •
  19. Iain

    Get the city shirt on rob….

    Nov 25 •
  20. Dai

    Nice pictures!!
    thanks for coming :)

    Nov 25 •
  21. Coto

    Que banda mamita querida!!!! hermoso tenerlo aca en Argentina!!!!!!! Exitos eternos para ustedes.-

    Nov 25 •
  22. Daniela Pozo

    Robert keep your word!!!

    Nov 25 •
  23. Larubia

    Boca fan or ‘I once was a player too’, Robert?
    Devilish smile, great game, pal!

    Nov 25 •
  24. ciD

    “Babel Pirana” is great.

    Nov 25 •
  25. ciD

    and the “spider-supporter” is really funny.

    Nov 25 •
  26. bbronx

    My city(Lisbon in Portugal) is one of the most crazy and lovely in the world.But i don´t no Buenos Aires but i think is a very nice place ,and a Massive concert,for me one of the best .I´sure is 4ever,like the live´s in Portugal.It´s time they go to Europe.for something different,the Winter and the small places….

    Nov 26 •
  27. Carlone

    Noooo. porque boca. si tenias cualquier equipo para elegir. no importa estuvo tan bueno el show del sabado 20 que te banco, grande Robert

    Nov 26 •
  28. Daniela Pozo

    Hello Robert thanks for the photo, keep your word!!!

    Nov 26 •
  29. Baty

    Amigo Robert:
    Buenisimas las fotos de la Bombonera. Ser de Boca es un sentimiento que no se puede parar.
    Gracias por el show del sábado pasado en mi ciudad de Buenos Ayres.
    Tu musica me dio felicidad y alegria. Con mi novia Very lo disfrutamos muchisimo.
    También te agradezco haber traido al “Original” Horace Andy y a la “Reina Negrita” Martina Topley Bird-
    Te mando un saludo grande

    Nov 26 •
  30. FRAN



    Nov 27 •
  31. Larubia

    @ bbronx. how do you know Lisbon is one of the lovely cities in the world? Been around much? bairrista, no bom sentido da palavra, claro!

    Nov 28 •
  32. Rula Quiroz

    Thanks Massive Attack !!!!!!!

    Nov 28 •
  33. fer

    thanks for coming!

    Nov 28 •
  34. carlos baty

    Amigo Robert
    Gracias por tu musica
    Viaje mucho con el show que dieron en Buenos Ayres
    Yo tambien soy de Boca, como vos.

    Nov 29 •
  35. eidolon

    thank you very much to come down here !!
    BTW, you made my day with these pictures

    your show was great but why didn’t you play “Splitting the Atom”?
    please come back soon

    Nov 29 •
  36. Gavin

    Hi rob,
    I think I was there for some of those photos! Great tour! Great Game too! We all hope to see you guys again.

    Dec 03 •
  37. Esteban Daniel

    nosotros nos merecíamos un show como Este. gracias por la visita, gracias por las luces, gracias por la data, gracias por la camiseta. y gracias por hacer llegar el mensaje claro y directo. mejor no se podía pedir. INMEJORABLE

    Dec 06 •
  38. charlotte

    l’ombre avec l’arbre trés jolie j’aime !

    Dec 16 •
  39. Cacho Ciudadela

    Aguante Hermetica, bostero culo roto,….

    Dec 16 •
  40. pablo pela dominguez

    son la banda mas grossa de toda la vida …los amo

    Dec 26 •

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