09 déc. 10

(English) Sign the WikiLeaks petition: stop the crackdown

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  1. _Phillip Stansfield

    Those that run the world so corruptly do not like us learning whats really going on, WELL DONE wikileaks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    déc. 11 •
  2. Mark Hodgson

    Freedom of speech is fine for the USA when it suits them. Fuck the US they are hipocrites when the have the cia and foreign government s doing there dirty work screwwww u USA and obama ur just there to quell the national anger after that idiot G W Bush f u amaerica

    déc. 18 •
  3. pedro pinto

    it´s time to change through peace

    déc. 29 •
  4. Walter

    Do you, i and/or we need to know the truth to descover the lies? Or can we also make a change without knowledge?

    janv. 15 •

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