15 Dec 10

Information on UK Uncut – day of protests Saturday 18th.

Saturday 18th December is Pay Day.

From Uk Uncut:

“Over the past few months, protesters have staged sit ins, performance interventions, pickets, flash mobs, superglue stick-ons and intrepid one-woman protests against tax dodgers across the country.

Saturday December 18th is Pay Day, our next day of mass action. One week before Christmas, thousands of people across the country will be hitting the high streets to make sure tax dodgers pay.”

For more information, visit ukuncut.org or facebook.com/ukuncut

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  1. ouasti

    luttre contre veri chit

    Dec 15 •
  2. scott

    taxes used to pay mainly for wars…maybe the dodgers are on to something?

    Dec 15 •
  3. Ronin

    I must be missing something. Why are MA behind this cause?? I agree with Scott.

    Dec 17 •
  4. Nick

    It is a protest against the unfair distribution of wealth by the State – top earners earn huge sums but do not pay their fair share of tax leaving those at the bottom of the pile to suffer from inadequate benefits and public services. The top earners (and corporate bodies) buy-off the State by contributions to party funds. Those contributions should be re-directed from Party funds to the public purse and used to improve services for those genuinely in need.

    Dec 18 •
  5. Nicola Zaffalon

    Once again: that is all. Ok. NICOLA

    Dec 30 •
  6. groovygmac

    I’m due on April 15.

    Jan 27 •

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