01 feb 11

(English) Save our forests: sign the petition

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  1. maria joão mendes

    I want to save OUR world!!!

    feb 01 •
  2. Maxine Young

    Please save the forests thankyou

    feb 01 •
  3. Sinara Foss

    We need to save our forests the world is ours, we depend on them. Lets save our HOME

    feb 01 •
  4. wayne beeston

    they will just go ahead with it and get away with it like they do with everything else!!! the new buyers have promised to keep the forests etc but what they aint told yaa is that it will cost a bomb for people like me and you to enjoy it!!! makes me so mad!!

    feb 01 •
  5. Steve Pawsey


    feb 01 •
  6. Ted Niceley

    We need their oxygen, their beauty, their nourishment for the planet.
    Save them!

    feb 01 •
  7. Per Wallin

    I agree

    feb 01 •
  8. sab

    sadly, as a foreigner i cannot take part in this – but hopefully, many brits will do. forests like those are supposed to be owned by citizens, not private investors.

    feb 01 •
  9. Linda Steer-Hutchings-Foster

    The forests belong to all of us. We must not let them sell off what does not belong to them. They are literally our life-line.

    feb 01 •
  10. Laura

    We need them, safe the forest

    feb 01 •
  11. Cuca

    I thought that those things only happened in Argentina… i will sign,

    feb 01 •
  12. Poyault

    Heal the world…….!

    feb 01 •
  13. Paul Chaston

    Please don’t sell off the forests!!!

    feb 01 •
  14. EDCS

    Is this the petition?? If it is, I’m signing it then…right now.

    feb 01 •
  15. anna ives

    we must make our voices be heard. DO NOT SALE OFF OUR FORESTS!!!!!!!!

    feb 01 •
  16. Garroyo

    No maten el bosques!!!! no dejen sin casa a Robin Hood!!!!!


    Saludos desde Chile.

    feb 01 •
  17. Sally

    Saving the forests one country at a time!

    feb 01 •
  18. sezzy


    feb 01 •
  19. Daiki7

    We are not suprised…thé only things we can do his to burn their gardens înstead of leting them killed our heaven

    feb 01 •
  20. Roland guidery

    What will the bastards be selling next, oxygen, rain,sunlight, these things belong to everyone and can not be sold.
    we live in a facsist junter now, used to like the uk but its just shit now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    feb 01 •
  21. linda

    sell your history…your soul…..is it worth the money in the bank when you watch the devastation YOU created?IS IT NOT about time to wake up and take responsibility for our actions? there will always come a bill and how much longer can we/nature pay…..

    feb 01 •
  22. Remigiusz Zarzycki

    I’m a member of polish TOZ (something like RSPCA in UK) and I will ALWAYS be against all bastards, who would do about anything just for their bigger profit. BTW, even if you’ re not british, you can still sign petition on the second site (woodlandtrust.org.uk) – no postal code required, just email…

    feb 01 •
  23. Jonathan Urbina

    Support our worlds greenery!We must try and save what we have left.brfore its all gone.

    feb 01 •
  24. Richard Payne

    These forests belong to the public, lets keep it that way!
    Best way to do that though is stop watching tv and signing petitions and go and use our wonderful countryside.

    feb 01 •
  25. SnappySaz

    So much for this governments pledges to help the environment. Keep Britain Green!!

    feb 01 •
  26. Ursule Marion

    It is sad that we need to be a UK resident to sign the first one, I mean this is still a part of our planet, isn’t it? But I signed the second one. Politicians and corporations don’t realise the importance of the environment and they don’t see it as an international matter. They only think it is a national product they can sell and destroy, which in my opinion is a crime. If murder is punished, why are those companies paid to kill? It’s true, if you destroy the environment, you mess up the ecosystem, so you kill plants right, but also a whole lot of animals, and yes, in a couple of years, it’s gonna make humans sick as well.
    And all of that for what? Money. Yeah, you know those fictional numbers you have in an account, that allow you to think you’re more important than someone else…

    feb 01 •
  27. Micky

    Save the trees and save the uk rainforest?

    feb 01 •
  28. miroslav pecka

    to se v žádném případě nesmí stát. už tak je lesů málo. já chci čistý vzduch a krásný svět okolo.zachraň

    feb 01 •
  29. miroslav pecka

    why would our world culd be clean and beatiful? SAVE FOREST!!!!!!!

    feb 01 •
  30. Alexandra

    It would be a crying shame for our woodlands and forests to be lost, the risk of them falling into the hands of private developers is too great… Before we’ve had chance to blink they’ll be ripped down and build upon. These area’s should be kept for the public’s benefit, for the use and enjoyment of all. It would be yet another way that our government are letting us down and it is simply despicable.

    feb 01 •
  31. groovygmac

    I’m from NY & think its a bloody outrage..
    So the powers to be want to evict Robin Hood & his Merry Men along with the wildlife..for what ? (Money) . ” for the love of money is the root of all evil” I apologize if misquoted. I see Britain losing its heart & soul.. diminishing as a society & selling out their own culture & old growth forests for $$. Moral bankruptcy brings down societies & empires…
    Sorry, I tried to participate in the petition but had problems with first website.
    I grew up in Queens, an outer borough of NYC within walking distance of a city park. Now I live in the suburbs w/ a nearby nature preserve, and ironically it’s NYC that has more bio-diversity than the suburbs and rural areas of upstate NY. In NYC bio-diversity thrives in its parks, wetlands, forests yea they got that , too! Sorry, this is so long. I will try out the second website.

    feb 01 •
  32. groovygmac

    Hey, I signed at woodlandtrust.org.uk.

    feb 01 •
  33. Katie Bizzey

    Britains Forests belong to the nation. We have a right to enjoy our lands.

    feb 01 •
  34. erica hoehne

    Green <3

    feb 01 •
  35. lee

    trees live!!! leave em!!!!

    feb 01 •
  36. Davey Smith



    feb 01 •
  37. katseyes

    please please save all forests of the world, we need it for us and our childs.

    feb 01 •
  38. Graz dewar

    let’s leave a world for our children

    feb 01 •
  39. Achim

    Enough is enough!

    After this unprecedented desaster we’re completely fed up with this zombie-economics’ (Paul Krugman) preaching of privatization of common property and natural ressources, selling out the wealth of the nations, plundering and destroying the planet, making more & more poorer & poorer, killing the poorest, and all that for the sake of some petty cherries on the cake!

    feb 01 •
  40. marce


    feb 02 •
  41. Ray Suárez

    No manchen cabrones, dejen en paz esos arbolitos!!!

    feb 02 •
  42. Chris Lomas


    feb 02 •
  43. Betsy

    We need trees more than they need us. Trees existed long before we came along. We could not survive without them.
    I honor the beautiful sacred trees. Thank you trees. We love you trees. Please forgive us trees. We love you mother earth. Thank you for your abundant beauty of your forests, mountains, streams. Thank you for the abundant wildlife. Help teach us to live in harmony with the plants and animals and to understand that we need trees more than they need us. The movie Avatar mirrors what is happening all over the planet. It’s not just in Britain, it’s also happening in the ancient rainforests and in America. Help save the sacred trees and the pure spirits of Pandora.

    feb 02 •
  44. Paula Walke

    I can’t believe the Government thinks it ok to even consider this. (Then again, when I look around at what else it is proposing……!!!!! )
    Protect these precious natural resources. Leave our national forests alone!

    feb 02 •
  45. suzi

    MJ would be so thankful for this petition. he sang it, its in our hands <3

    feb 03 •
  46. Sveta

    save our planet )

    feb 03 •
  47. Marie McD

    The Forests of Britain are our heritage. We must save them for the future of our children.
    This government is intent on bringing this country to its knees. I truly believe the right to room would soon disappear under the shadow of the faceless owners.
    How arrogant for them to think they have the right to sell something that belongs to all of us!!

    feb 04 •
  48. Rajiv Mahajan

    It’s not only an environmental issue, but the bigger picture is about our children and future generations who will continue our nation’s natural treasures.

    feb 04 •
  49. Silvia

    hi! speaking of which, have you seen the Zeitgeist documentary? It’s simply mind-boggling, but oh so accurate, given the current socio-economic context. Personally, it has practically made me reconsider my existence, my goals, my prospective career. It’s so way beyond us and I’m really glad that public figures like you try to raise awareness, through your beautiful musique and the intense experiences it triggers!

    feb 04 •
  50. Ian

    Remember when Craft bought Cadburys and the Govenment promised to keep the jobs in the uk. now its all made in Poland, so much for Government promises. the same will happen with the forests, promises that will not be kept !!! and they seem to forget ITS NOT THEIRS TO SELL !!!!! Whats next, our public Parks !

    feb 06 •
  51. Doreen Curran

    As a cyclist in my teenage years 60 years ago, I loved the countryside surrounded by woodland. Will the young people in the future have the same freedom? We must save the woodlands and our National Parks and saveguard our childrens heritage, Kielder Forest is the biggest in Europe and it is preposterous that we should even consider selling it off.
    Doreen Curran

    feb 14 •
  52. Ronald Curran

    When the countyside was opened once again just after the war that ended in 1945, and footpaths and byways made accessable by statute, and the Forestry Commission was established to give the forests protection for the benefit of the people it was a breath of fresh air after the restrictions of the Second World War. If you like, it was a ‘thank you’ gift from the Government to the people, and immediately found a raport, as many thousands flocked into the countryside on bicycles, as hikers, ramblers and just happy walkers on the happy byways, savouring perhaps for the first time, the joy of fresh air and the open countryside. I was one of those that joined the Youth Hostels Association that brought together people from all walks of life, with one thing in common, love of the countryside. At all costs this legacy must be saved. Our common land was stolen from us in the past, it must not happen again. The forests gives the planet oxygen. It protects our wild life. It is natures garden. It must not be sold to the highest bidder, perhaps in the hands of a foreinger. It is our land and we earned it. Please sign the petition before it is too late.

    feb 15 •
  53. Love Forests

    Thank you all for helping ensure that England’s forests are still owned by us. Go people power!

    If you love forests as much a we do check out this website and tell us why you love forests


    apr 14 •
  54. afriend

    but think of all the paper for drawing on and the furniture we can make : << think

    mag 08 •
  55. Rebecca pennicott

    Save our beautiful trees! We need them to breathe! Isn’t anything sacrid anymore!?!?

    ago 09 •
  56. Sergio París

    Green, please.

    ott 08 •

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