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(English) Robert’s Photo Blog: Roma

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  1. szita


    févr. 14 •
  2. Eric Wheeling

    This reminds me of my trip to Rome a few years back when I was on tour in a vegan straight-edge hardcore band called Undying. I still want to move there some day. Great pics by the way. Cheers.

    févr. 14 •
  3. cat

    Congrats to Napoli. The great painting!!
    But why did someone pile the bricks wrong way?

    févr. 14 •
  4. Saverio

    Hi Robert,

    how was the Forum studio experience? (the Morricone studio?)
    Hope to see you soon back in Rome.


    févr. 14 •
  5. Ella

    I like « Modern Fresco » :-) ,and she is behaind him….:-)

    févr. 14 •
  6. poizzenapple

    forza Napoli!

    févr. 14 •
  7. silvia

    definitely « protection »

    févr. 14 •
  8. sab

    ROMA!!! <3

    févr. 14 •
  9. Iuri


    févr. 14 •
  10. Rob

    Hey Rob, fellow BCFC fan and old aquaintance here (you got me tickets years back for your Hollywood show) I was in Roma last weekend too. Forza Napoli. Hope all is well.

    févr. 14 •
  11. dmt

    acid wall :)

    févr. 14 •
  12. dmt

    In the center of the wall one brick is look like a face!!!

    févr. 14 •
  13. Francesco

    Grande ROBERT!!!!!!!Sempre uno di noi!!!
    Forza Napoli,Unico grande Amore!!!!!

    févr. 14 •
  14. groovygmac

    Too many polizei, need more people. lol.

    févr. 14 •
  15. Ali T

    I went there to see Lazio versus some team that is now in Serie B about 5 years ago. The only non-white people in the stadium were the African guys selling ice cream and aforementioned Serie A (nowB) team’s main striker. Guess who scored? The roof went off, it was like WBA in 1978 again, if they’d had bananas 1/3 of the Lazio fans would have been throwing them. But then if your welcome is 200 riot police on horses smashing bottles on the ground followed by home fans’ faces – perhaps I shouldn’t have been too surprised – the missues wasn’t too impressed though as I’d promised a romantic date. Nice and edgy and certainly not a trip to Old Trafford / Arsenal / Chelsea. Obv you went to see Roma – nice socialist working people’s club and those crazy Mussolini statues for the cancelled Rome Olympics are worth the smell of fear alone. Glad you enjoyed!

    févr. 14 •
  16. raiz

    yo man next time you come to see napoli give us a ring.
    I’m not going to see villareal but on sat I’ll go for catania
    forza napoli sempre

    févr. 14 •
  17. sTe

    It’s no Ashton Gate, but I’ve seen worse…

    févr. 15 •
  18. trina

    ooh i agree i see a face too. very cool.

    févr. 15 •
  19. diegoq

    Hello bambino, closer to the scudetto !!! foooorza ZUNIGA jejejejeje our Colombian player, Cavani what a fukin monster =), waitin for the scudetto and for the massive attack s work, huges from bogota

    févr. 15 •
  20. Larubia

    sometime no see… great pics, Mr Robert…

    févr. 15 •
  21. Patrizio

    Ok….sei del Napoli…e mi dispiace! :) Io sono romno e Romanista! A parte questo tuo difetto sei un grande!
    Quando vieni a Roma per un nuovo concerto?! Ti aspettiamo!!!
    Un abbraccio Patrizio

    févr. 16 •
  22. Marco


    févr. 18 •
  23. sab

    have you listened to new fantastic radiohead album yet?

    févr. 19 •
  24. Таш

    « Idrante » :-). Appy for you and Napoli; good luck in Spain on the 24th <3.

    And! Question about The King of Limbs seconded.


    févr. 20 •
  25. Lola

    MARCO E PATRIZIO siete dei grandi , vi stimo altamente !!! ahahahahha

    févr. 20 •
  26. Mauro

    Rob! You were really nearby my House!
    Next time, call me !

    mars 01 •
  27. Gina

    @ Stadio Olimpico… Oh, look, there is the man I want to marry…

    juin 08 •
  28. turquesa

    hola, paso de nuevo

    juin 13 •
  29. Steven Harvey

    Robert, I am interested in Garrone’s paintings. Do you any more info about them. I can find no other images. Thank you!
    My interest with your work goes back to Look of Love…

    juin 23 •

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