23 juin 11

(English) Robert’s Photo Blog: Cornwall, writing…

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  1. anita

    Very very nice photos, Robert!!! Thank you! :)))

    juin 23 •
  2. Hunter

    While you’re there, could you sneak into Tori Amos’ studio and produce her record? That would be ace. She could use some help. We miss her.

    juin 23 •

    looks like your enjoying some time off,,
    what beach was those photo »s taken , looks familliar.!!

    juin 23 •
  4. Kieron

    the first picture looks like the cover of the surfing on sine waves album by polygon window

    juin 23 •
  5. Tim

    I dunno why, it seems pretty disgusting to me:)

    juin 23 •
  6. Jon Butterworth

    Nice one-where abouts are you?

    Is that mother ivey’s bay?–perhaps not

    juin 23 •
  7. Christine Belanger

    Oh lovely..that rock in the first pic ont he left looks like a profile of a man…what a wonderful place…

    juin 23 •
  8. Natalia

    ..my dream.. (( :

    juin 23 •
  9. (the other) Natalia

    Best kind of sea: cloudy. Best kind of letters: like that.

    juin 23 •
  10. Stephen Johnson

    It looks like the beach where Aphex did the video for On

    juin 23 •
  11. sab

    colour of the sea: beautiful.

    and writing what????????? curious….

    juin 23 •
  12. Digga-Bit

    Kynance Cove? beautiful spot

    juin 23 •
  13. Silvana

    Cornwall.. i’ve heard so much about that place, have to be there one day…

    juin 23 •
  14. Robbie

    Beautiful. Wish I was there! :)

    juin 23 •
  15. MamaLaya

    Looks just like CA Coast between Santa Cruz & Big Sur!

    juin 23 •
  16. Alexandra

    Say hi to my in-laws, will ya?

    juin 23 •
  17. Mushi_king

    Nice pics Robert. Love Cornwall and want to get back there but so far from East England where I am stuck. Hope it’s inspirational for whatever you are writing.

    juin 23 •
  18. pattacake

    In Padstow myself this week,been comming to Cornwall for many a year,never tire of the awsume beauty here,i can recomend the Camel Estury.

    juin 23 •
  19. Powacut

    Very nice Robert, thanks for sharing!

    juin 23 •
  20. Adam Clark

    I live there and work are Bedruthan Steps hotel, are you staying there?

    juin 23 •
  21. Larubia

    hope you enjoy being there as much as we enjoy seeing the pics… writings on the sand… thought you had forgotten us…

    juin 24 •
  22. Nicola Zaffalon

    This is very good, but my belly was full !!! NICOLA

    juin 24 •
  23. Verónica Espinosa

    Hermosas fotos… esa es tu mirada, me gusta. Me fascina.

    juin 25 •
  24. Narmina

    So missed your photos 3D! I love your the way you see things. Btw, what do you think about this old song: Annie-Take me home? It a bit reminds your works)) maybe we can do a cover with me on vocals?;)

    just wanted to say it even though you won’t answer))

    Have a great day and more melancholy photos!<3

    Your forever and ever fan,

    juin 26 •
  25. ivana

    miss u around here

    juin 28 •
  26. poizzenapple

    nice to see you comin’ back into the blog, Rob…
    nice pics as always…

    juin 28 •
  27. horacio

    hi robert ..when you will return to BUENOS AIRE..again ? a hug..you!re a genius.

    juil. 01 •
  28. c72

    the 2nd picture – love it

    juil. 07 •
  29. R.

    Nice Robert.

    juil. 08 •
  30. Elaine

    Hello there Robert, we met in Manchester at Damon Albarn’s Dr. Dee spectacle, it made my night meeting you, i’ve been a fan since you started out way back, your music has soundtracked the up’s and down’s of my life. I would have loved to have gone for a beer and had a chat (what did you think of tricky on stage with beyonce at glasto?! Terrible i thought!) I’m way too shy anyway and it was at the end of the show, maybe i’ll get another chance one day, you were lovely to meet anyway, so thanks xx

    juil. 11 •
  31. andy

    Awesome pics, UK countryside is so underrated!

    juil. 14 •
  32. turquesa

    oh, its so calm, its like my loneliness meaning, well its so beatifull.
    for you sexy
    Im a wind and touch everything,
    Im a water and slide so soft, you can fly or swim into me,
    Im very safe and hostile,
    Im so fun and danger,
    but you can trip with me, and never die.

    août 03 •
  33. Winkstermexx

    Looks like Bedruthan steps near Newquay…I would definately say North Coast of Cornwall…I’m heading there in approximately 2 hrs yeeeeaaaaah!

    août 05 •
  34. Robi

    Very nice photos, they look so unreal

    oct. 28 •
  35. ComaKarma

    I go to this beach every year. It’s Bedruthan Steps…stunning!!!

    déc. 04 •
  36. ComaKarma

    What i meant was my wife and I and our border collie go to this beach every year…….

    déc. 04 •

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