30 Aug 11

D’s latest update 2

Massive Attack

Massive Attack

Massive Attack

Massive Attack

Massive Attack

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  1. horacio

    beatiful photos. robert..a hug from Buenos Aires

    Aug 31 •
  2. Dave McKenna

    wow, those guys are good!

    Aug 31 •
  3. Natalia

    I like it, especially the second photo (((( :

    Aug 31 •
  4. c72

    Good pictures [as always] – love the first one and fourth picture – see you

    Sep 01 •
  5. Nicola Zaffalon

    Ciao! It is very colourful! Ciao! NICOLA

    Sep 02 •
  6. Astrida

    this is wicked, love how the logo looks, looks like heligoland colors, but black background and orange logo..where is this done?

    Sep 04 •
  7. Aa,??___/--!!!

    My dearing,
    You wore black and I wore white
    Horses and sticks
    Rig and rag
    To sleep bad times
    got my armed arm when you wrote
    I should have burnt this car instead of him
    But I could note
    Anger with no outlet
    Hide and someonelse
    Like my eyes
    By another hand
    Lenght and high
    Price of a mistake
    target missed
    I keep hub
    In blood my mouth
    My eyes torn apart
    And blown away my skin
    Sun south never enough
    I need to make
    Peace with myself
    And remember to be nothing
    what you know of me before you know
    before I let you go
    to a certain appointment
    I’ve brushed the ground
    And swept away
    What’s next
    Your voice is all my silent world

    Sep 05 •
  8. Frankie Love

    err come an graff my street up please

    Sep 06 •
  9. Narmina

    Oh, Robert, I love you!)) I just feel so more and more)

    Really, could you please love me too?

    I am your soulmate, 100%! If not, I’ll give you $100!)) But we should try it at least)
    We can play darts, backgammon (if you don’t know how, I will teach you), baby-foot (you teach me), drink beer, whatever, and be at least friends :)

    I know, I know, it sounds stupid, but I just NEED to say that because I feel so…

    If you want to see the proof that I am your soulmate, contact me, you will find me, I know))

    Finalizing my very official letter, I wish you a nice day!

    Sep 16 •
  10. sab

    saw those at my latest visit to bristol. not sure if i really like them or just a bit. feels like there’s a lack of spontaneity.

    Sep 19 •
  11. (the other) Natalia

    They should have used your arm for reference when painting the flame, Robert :-p.

    Sep 21 •

    hola sexy! as always sexy!
    where were you the last november 11?
    fantastic work
    for you
    colorfull dreams and desires in your mind
    my mind dip in lithium to be here
    sometimes my life occur in my mind
    nobody understand nothing like me
    but my brain its a dangerous machine
    and try to kill me
    some things really few things distract my brain from this decison
    I like cross over your dreams in my dreams
    with your hands paint my body
    with your colorfull dreams.

    Sep 23 •
  13. poizzenapple

    nice graphics, nice pics… ))))
    nice comments =)

    Sep 28 •
  14. sab

    outdoor gallery has new face, already.

    Oct 10 •
  15. Kenny

    I remember this day well….. All Legends!

    Dec 16 •

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