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Ci spiace, ma questo articolo è disponibile soltanto in English.

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  1. sab

    congrats! well deserved! :-)

    set 21 •
  2. dj bonehead

    that’s huge and most definitely deserved!

    set 21 •
  3. massivefan

    My number 2 musical heros bigging up my number one musical heros. awesome. nice one on the award.

    set 21 •
  4. Anthony

    Likewise, my favourite band acknowledging my second favourite band. Talent can see talent I guess! Great work guys, looking forward to your next album!

    set 21 •
  5. robert


    set 22 •
  6. oscar

    massive atack es una banda que en Buenos Aires es muy bien recibida,

    Y en forma personal es exelente.

    set 22 •
  7. nhoj

    Big ups from Pink Floyd, honour doesn’t get much bigger than that.

    set 22 •
  8. jane

    congrats! You’re the best :-)

    set 22 •
  9. Tom Quillfeldt

    The Featured Artists Coalition were delighted to present the Artists’ Artist Award to such an amazing act as Massive Attack. When the video montage showed Unfinished Sympathy, Angel, clips from Protection & Heligoland etc. it reminded people just how influential, original and uniquely British you guys really are.

    Personally, I’m a huge fan of both MA and Floyd, so it was doubly special just to be in the same room. I think I shouted ‘100th Window is my favourite album!’ a bit too loudly in Robert’s ear, though he didn’t seem to notice…

    set 22 •
  10. Martyn

    Congratulations guys! My band are all about you guys and Pink Floyd so it’s great to see a mutual appreciation between the two of you.

    set 22 •
  11. Network NIneteen

    Humility is always good. But you deserve this award and a whole load more. Bless you all. Congratulations!

    set 22 •
  12. Nicola Zaffalon

    Ciao! Congratulations! Ciao! NICOLA

    set 22 •
  13. sal

    and you did the same. You have been a great part of British & World music. You’re just genious that make music more enjoyable to listen you as Pink Floyd & the Ninja Tune bands. Mozarts of Britriphop….I just love it. See you soon…I hope in music shops !

    set 22 •
  14. carlos

    well deserved.

    set 24 •
  15. Raúl

    I hope, when I get your age, do that amazing things!!! congratulations!!

    set 25 •
  16. c72

    No doubt – a great classic band and I love it – cheers.

    set 25 •
  17. HAL9200

    About bloody time!! :-) When Legends meet Legends… when are you gonna be given knighthood?

    set 26 •
  18. poizzenapple

    well deserve indeed!

    set 28 •
  19. astrida

    Now everyone can die in peace (:

    ott 12 •
  20. Farzad

    ALWAYS U ! ! ! ! massive attack forever ……………….

    ott 31 •
  21. ALT

    Hi Robert!, I’m from Argentina. I’d like to say that your last show in Buenos Aires was SUPERLATIVE.
    I want to know if you are interested in listen a version of Psyche that i made. It would be awesome for me. Thank you.

    nov 07 •
  22. Helen

    Music always heals and inspires me, yours and Pink Floyd’s especially! HOw can I express my gratitude for your art?

    nov 13 •

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