23 Sep 11

International Alert film featuring Angel

For more info, visit international-alert.org

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  1. Nicola Zaffalon

    Ciao! This is the usual Massive Attack’s beautiful song! Ciao! NICOLA

    Sep 23 •
  2. c72

    I like it – simple, original and good message

    Sep 25 •
  3. Mchele

    i write from Italy. I love your music, let me know when and where you keep your next concert.
    I would be ready to go anywhere. Sorry for my imperfect english.
    Hello soon

    Oct 04 •
  4. JB

    That’s right! It was shown in simple way and of course great idea in Massive Attack’s type!!

    Oct 08 •
  5. crs2

    The film is naive, as is the message. The song and the images don’t go together well.

    Oct 10 •

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