10 ott 11

(English) Four Walls – Massive Attack vs Burial ltd. edition 12″

Ci spiace, ma questo articolo è disponibile soltanto in English.

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  1. Astrida

    yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey..thank you thank you thank you!!!!!!!

    ott 10 •
  2. murmurer

    a murky meandering minisymphony… is that hope sandoval?

    ott 10 •
  3. Alessio

    Massive Attack…I love you! Thanks a lot for this nice work.

    ott 10 •
  4. sab

    love it, sounds great!!!
    and another, glittery, very delicious vinyl <3

    ott 10 •
  5. daniela pozo

    I love it!!!

    ott 10 •
  6. ash

    …incredible…very emotional…

    ott 10 •
  7. Mr Zaziki

    Thats like christmas !!! omfg thank you thank you thank you thank you ………………….

    ott 10 •
  8. Raul

    its wonderfull how ever

    ott 10 •
  9. Anima

    Great for Yoga! ;-)

    ott 10 •
  10. Anima

    I love the artwork, it’s pretty cool.

    ott 10 •
  11. Mindaugas

    Nerealiai! Unbelievable!!

    ott 10 •
  12. Albert.ds

    Well this is one hell of a track!!! it’s amazing to say the least… It gives me hope for red light, I think that song (2008 tour version) would sound just mindblowing with a treatment like that… you guys are amazing!

    ott 10 •
  13. cameron

    Great collaboration……perfect…

    ott 10 •
  14. laurentvdk

    This stuff is amazing!!

    ott 10 •
  15. Vocalist Day

    Nice Sound!

    ott 10 •
  16. dmmmm

    Sounds great. You need to make FLAC versions available for download for those of us who move too often and can’t afford to lug the vinyl every time a move happens.

    ott 10 •
  17. jed

    yeah that ‘ll do

    ott 10 •
  18. soulcode.

    Mr. Bevan strikes again!

    ott 11 •
  19. george

    fuck its sold out, FUCK

    ott 11 •
  20. RJ

    Wow…that sold fast. No surprise. This track is ace.

    ott 11 •
  21. antoaneta panova

    love you!

    ott 11 •
  22. James Chea

    It says pre-order on the site but when is the release date?

    ott 11 •
  23. Ricky

    Make moreeeee =(

    <3 your work.

    ott 11 •
  24. Aa,??___/--!!!

    I’m waiting for you, I began to loose my mind you’ve been gone for so long…

    ott 11 •
  25. Nicola Zaffalon

    Ciao! Great dub music, fat bass: thank you very much! Ciao! NICOLA

    ott 11 •
  26. Aa,??___/--!!!

    I am not to suck
    nor to fork
    but to f. you
    so I conclued if you come first before me
    unsent is what I can’t feet without you or felt without you
    undone what i can’t do without you or done without you
    under your finger all I can’t be anymore since…?????
    honeyployed everytime with you

    ott 11 •
  27. juan pablo

    pleeeeeeaaaassssseeeeeeee release in cd version!!!!!

    ott 11 •
  28. Aa,??___/--!!!

    Sorry anger made me go too fast I made a mistake : concluded or why not con clue did
    but if you think twice con clued is not stupid

    ott 11 •
  29. Aa,??___/--!!!

    Just in case you would have not noticed it is done. Think more about what you listen to.

    ott 12 •
  30. Comrad

    Freaking great

    ott 12 •
  31. mica

    sold out :(((((

    ott 12 •
  32. art

    hardcore stuff! so haunting. love MA

    ott 12 •
  33. Trasheater

    Dear members of duo, did you hear golden rule of ultra-limited releases: “STRICTLY ONLY ONE PER CUSTOMER”? There is no way to buy this release, such as fucking high prices from speculators on ebay and discogs! Like the story with “Splitting the Atom”…
    “Thank you” very much, guys! FUCK!

    ott 13 •
  34. c72

    Yes, It’s great – It’s like a distorted sounds – the effects mesmerize. . . The artwork looks like the feeling in purple, I like it – Cheers.

    ott 13 •
  35. Lililies

    Thanx a lot….Great work… Want more….

    ott 14 •
  36. //

    Really not enough copies for a big world waiting for such wonderful things like this. Think about repress. Please!

    ott 14 •
  37. turquesa

    do you like a cafe, well I need one favor, its a sequencing about life before life.,
    I hear the rain, knock my window, how it wants to touch everything around me, and then touch my skin so cold to wake up me
    every time I like to hear the rain whispers around me, at night its better hear rain falling, the sound instead a darkness color of night creating a big wish bubble.

    ott 15 •
  38. taenu

    One of the best song i’ve ever listen to. Mindblowing. And of course is the vinyl sold out. When will you release it for the slacking side of your fanbase?

    I bet there will be a constant drooling when I listen to the Paradise Circus remix.

    Keep the good work up!

    ott 15 •
  39. turquesa

    hello, keep me one please. ; )

    ott 16 •
  40. turquesa

    for you sexy¡ kiss

    ott 16 •
  41. turquesa

    where are you? what do you want to do?
    I don’t know I’m fell so stupid
    I thing is my imagination, cloud my mind
    I don’t know if its true, in front of me
    there is a screen,
    in side me there is an anxiety
    I need to exploit, I think is real,
    but not only in my mind.

    appear please¡

    ott 16 •

    :) what next

    ott 17 •
  43. Exokick

    SOLD OUT :))
    Yeah ! I’ve got it !!!

    ott 17 •

    it’s BRILLIANT!!! Re-press it pleae…….sold out…only 1000 for the whole world…….

    ott 18 •
  45. Fracto

    yo lo quiero!!!!!!! :D

    ott 18 •
  46. cedric

    Excellent !

    ott 19 •
  47. johanna

    my stomach

    ott 21 •
  48. johanna

    do you have a massive attack?

    ott 21 •
  49. johanna


    ott 21 •
  50. Sammy V

    I want to buy the music. MP3. Vinyl. CD. I don’t care. Just let me get it!

    ott 23 •
  51. johanna

    I have a hit on mind

    ott 26 •
  52. SanRosendo11


    ott 27 •
  53. chety

    the darkest blue sea and golden sands are nice things to own in dreams when nothing i want can be mine – and this empty feeling is the punishment i get for all my lust and greed.

    nov 04 •
  54. mircossey

    Perfect great lovely

    nov 04 •
  55. brent8577

    when is the repress? for the price this is listed for on discogs, i can buy a CDJ and play my pirated copy! if you want my money, do another pressing. thanks!

    nov 06 •
  56. Estate

    A thousand springs more to Massive Attack
    A million thanks from Santiago de Compostela, Galicia

    nov 06 •
  57. johanna

    nice :;)

    nov 09 •
  58. johanna

    the Bristol calendar ))))

    nov 10 •
  59. Exokick

    I think that INHALE GOLD will be the name of a complete HELIGOLAND remix album…

    nov 16 •
  60. Exokick

    H E L I GO L A N D

    nov 16 •
  61. unhappy

    With a record that is this in demand, only pressing 1000 is a real shame. Its been for sale, what, a month now, and the cheapest copy on discogs is already $230 usd. There is something wrong here. If the music industry wants more people to support the uncompressed, not brickwalled, superior analog format, its not going to happen if the music itself is unobtainable. Silk screened covers are great, but I’d rather have this shit as a white label as long as I could get a copy. A shame.

    nov 20 •
  62. sameh adly

    i love u massive attack
    im sameh from cairo egypt

    nov 27 •
  63. stef

    You’re new song 3D & VERMONA (demo 11/11/11) I love it, It’s a great great song!!! Bravo!

    nov 27 •

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