01 Dec 11

Occupy Radio mixes

we did some mixes in support of the occupy london movement.
we don’t see it as left versus right or anarchy versus order.
but people taking action and applying pressure on a problem that politicians
are unable to fix as they are also the shareholders.
look forward to your comments and criticisms.

Listen to Occupy Radio mixes on Soundcloud

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  1. stef

    interesting idea D and great mix on Soundcloud!! Continue your brilliant work!!

    Dec 01 •
  2. Nicola Zaffalon

    Ciao! I didn’t listen to all of these tracks, but it wasn’t something very special! Ciao! NICOLA

    Dec 01 •
  3. blueberryhill

    Yess! I was expecting your reaction to the Occupy movement, but a mix radio was the last thing I expected. Good job though, a powerful piece! Especially with the german song in the begining – so in tune with the riots!
    Greetings from Sofia

    Dec 01 •
  4. Malcolm Blackman

    As an occupier on the FRONT LINE at St Paul’s from day one I have to say how utterly disappointed I and my fellow occupiers are that we were neither told about this event nor invited. You say you turned out to say thank you to the occupiers but yet you played at the Bank of Ego’s to a minority WHO DON’T EVEN STAY AT St PAUL’s. This snub to the REAL occupy protesters has done NOTHING except de moralise us. It would have been so much better if you had recognized OUR dedication to the movement and what we are trying to highlight and achieve for it is WE who bear the cold & wet EVERY day and night. It was a shameful display of ELITISM by Occupy London’s hierarchy. Anonymous (UK) along with many other people were heartbroken to find that we were frozen out of this event. We have slept in tents on cold streets in the rain for over 50 days now. A gig by such a huge band would have been the BIGGEST moral boost since day one. A moral boost that was sorely needed. An ‘invite only’ event where NONE of the hardline occupiers were invited is a MASSIVE slap in the face to us.

    Dec 07 •
  5. v1905

    anything supporting people engaging in & fighting for this crucial issue in an age of infinite distractions is a positive thing. respect for being involved in this and raising awareness.

    Dec 09 •
  6. namtab

    I really appreciate Massive Attack’s interest in social issues altogether.

    I believe that, sadly, politicians rarely if not never, see themselves as the main cogs of the overly complex machine that society is. Those brave people that occupy public places, recreating the ancient concepts of the agorà, are more than shareholders, they ultimately are the employers of every single one of those dignitaries that do their job oh so scarcely.

    If my voice had any releveance I’d shout from the bottom of my lungs that the one true thing missing today from constitutions everywhere is a shorter fuse to the misbehaviors of politicians. Inefficiency on the job should be “treated” with no more than a month’s notice.

    Thank you for your art.

    Dec 16 •

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