Interview with Robert in The Quietus, 10th Feb 2010

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Shipshape & Bristol Fashion: Massive Attack Interviewed

Interview by John Robb... original article here

Operating way, way beyond the conventions and constrictions of normal bands, Massive Attack have just released their fifth album Heligoland. It’s another great example of their highly original musical landscape - a truly experimental record that utilises the best ideas to come from post-punk, hip-hop and dub to create a whole new soundscape that they endlessly re-edit and push further, yet still manages to get to number one.

The album sees them in a darker, stripped-down place that takes you on a melancholic, very British journey with an imaginative utilisation of studio technology and inspired choices of guest vocalists. It sounds like it was made by people steeped in maverick musical history, who cut and paste the past to create a future.

Where does this stuff come from? How did we end up with such a unque outfit?