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"Live with Me" was included in their 2006 compilation album, Collected, and was also released as a single. The song is notable for the critical acclaim it garnered due to its haunting lyrics, soulful vocals and emotional string section.

One review stated "Some extremely evocative and rich vocals come courtesy of soul legend Terry Callier, who builds 'Live With Me' to a mesmerising climax against a backdrop of lush, expansive strings and a rolling, hypnotic bassline. It's clear the band have lost none of their distinctive edge".


Vocals were supplied by the acclaimed soul singer Terry Callier, who was 60 at the time the song was recorded. Callier is an American jazz, soul and folk guitarist singer-songwriter from Chicago, Illinois, who has won a UN Peace Award for his humanitarian work promoting peace through his songs.


The lyrics talk of a great hurt which has been caused and an inability to right a wrong. The lyrics are soulful and melancholic.

"Nothing's right, if you ain't here

I give all that I have just to keep you near

I wrote you a letter darlin', trying to make it clear

How much you just don't believe that I'm sincere.

Thinking about you baby, I want you near me "

Listeners differ on the meaning behind the lyrics, although one interpretation given was the following: "A man growing older, realizing his own mortality, trying to get over his fear of commitment. He's mistreated his girl because he's been unhappy with his own life. She has given up on him, now he regrets the decisions he's made and wants her back but it looks like he's too late."