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[[File:Cross thumb.jpg|50px|left]][[oslo cross]]
[[File:Cross thumb.jpg|50px|left]][[oslo cross]]
[[File:Powertrip3.JPG|50px|left]][[power trip 2]]
[[File:Red thumb.jpg|50px|left]][[red square]]
[[File:Needle thumb.jpg|50px|left]][[needle rust]]
[[File:Truck thumb.jpg|50px|left]][[red truck]]
[[File:Lego thumb.jpg|50px|left]][[lego legs]]

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Images from touring 2008/09

not superimposed

light and shades

city lights

a heavy day at the studio

runways as art


backstage with ms. jones and mr. levine

angelo alone


bring more chaos

vip romania

postcard from space

comment is free


jelo in tokyo

democracy rules

rising falling


bass lord

carpet burn

lightheaded height

power trip

skull session

tomorrow's flytip

lenticular love


and there was fire

illuminated square

all we need

sharp corner

sky launch

slovakian clown

umbrella cult

shopping buddies

burning man

r.i.p. rat

printed bird


winter tour

donner and blitzen

zagreb spectrum


oslo cross

power trip 2

red square

needle rust

red truck

lego legs